Part 4 PowerPlant

  1. What is the rating of the CF6-80C2D1F?
    61960 lbs
  2. How is engine oil cooled?
    Fuel flowing through the fuel/oil heat exchanger.
  3. How are selected thrust modes and limits displayed?
    On top of the EAD, in magenta if computed by the FMS, or white if manually entered.
  4. When are the engine FAIL lights on the glare Shield active?
    From 80 knots to V1.
  5. What happens to engine performance if a single channel of FADEC is lost?
  6. What are the indications that the FADEC has lost needed data to operate in normal mode?
    A level 2 SELECT FADEC_ALT alert will be displayed on the EAD and the respective switch light will be illuminated (select alternate)
  7. What is the primary source of power for the FADEC?
    Permanent magnetic alternator PMA.
  8. What is the backup power source for the FADEC?
    Dc bus power.
  9. What are the consequences of a failure of both FADEC channels?
    All FADEC control functions revert to a Fail-Safe position resulting in an automatically controlled engine shut down.
  10. During engine start when is the ignition symbol displayed on the EAD?
    When the fuel switch is moved to ON.
  11. What is the significance of the blue line on the N2 display during engine start?
    The minimum N2 at which the fuel should be turned on.
  12. What activates the main tank aft boost pumps during engine start?
    The FSC automatically turns on aft boost pumps when the respective start switch is pulled.
  13. Name the functions that occur when the engine ignition, A or B is selected?
    • A. Power is supplied to the engine start switch.
    • B. Arms ignition A or B.
    • C. APU N1 increases to 100%.
    • D. Arms start indications to appear on the EAD.
    • E. Configures the air system for start.
    • F. Arms Hyd engine pump test.
    • G. Arms fuel system for start.
  14. What synoptic page automatically appears if there is an engine vibrating alert generated?
    Secondary engine page.
  15. What indicates an Open start valve?
    The Light Within the start switch illuminated.
  16. What is the purpose of the ignition override switch?
    To bypass the MSC to simultaneously provide Power to both A and B ignition systems, for heavy turbulence, precipitation, or emergency conditions.(engine flameout)
  17. When are thrust reversers arms to operate?
    Radio altitude is 7 ft or less or wheel spin up is greater than 80 knots.
  18. What conditions must be met before engine 2 thrust reverser can be moved idle power?
    Nose wheel on the ground.
  19. When the ignition selector MANUAL light is illuminated when is ignition deactivated?
    When the ignition switch is pressed.
  20. Will the ENGINE FAIL light cause the master warning light to illuminate?
  21. What conditions will cause the ENGINE FAIL light to illuminate?
    During takeoff between 80 knots and V1, if any engine N1 differs by 11% or more with any other engine.
  22. When are Level 3 alert and Associated Master warning lights inhibited?
    During takeoff from V1 to 400 ft. (Exception: level 3 engine fire alerts are not inhibited during takeoff but the associated Master warning lights are inhibited at V1)
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