FAA Weather

  1. What percentage of the air is oxygen or nitrogen?
    21% oxygen 78% nitrogen 1% other.
  2. What are the layers of the atmosphere starting at the surface?
    Troposphere, Stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere.
  3. What are the altitudes of the troposphere?
    Surface to tropppause (up to fl480)
  4. What are the altitude of the stratosphere?
    Tropppause to 160,000 ft
  5. What are the altitudes of the mesosphere?
    160,000 ft to 280,000 feet.
  6. What are the altitudes of the thermosphere?
    280,000 ft to 350 miles.
  7. Adiabatic laps rates
    • Dry 3c per 1000
    • Moist 2c per 1000
    • Average temp change is 2c per 1000
  8. Air stability?
    The air is considered stable if a rising parcel cools faster than the environmental laps rate. It is unstable if it cools slower.
  9. Tropopause? Weather? Jet Steam?
    • A boundary that traps moisture Associated weather in the troposphere.
    • Altitude varies by latitude and time of year.
    • Tropopause is associated with the location of the jet stream and possibly clear air turbulence.
  10. Coriolis force
    • Deflects air to the right in the northern hemesphere
    • To the left in the southern
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