Chapter 3 Circulatory Pathways

  1. Arteries carry blood into or away from the heart?
    carry blood away from the heart
  2. what is the longest artery of the body called? and what does it do?
    • Aorta 
    • it branches to give rise to all of the smaller arteries that form the systemic circulation.
  3. what are the 4 sequential regions of the aorta?
    • ascending aorta
    • aortic arch
    • thoracic aorta
    • abdominal aorta
  4. what is the initial portion of the aorta?
    ascending aorta
  5. description of the ascending aorta?
    extends off of the left ventricle in an upward direction.
  6. what are the only branches of the ascending aorta? and what do they do?
    right and left coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart wall.
  7. which is the portion of the aorta that is shaped like a cane handle?
    aortic arch
  8. what does the aortic arch connect?
    connects the ascending aorta with the thoracic aorta
  9. what are the 3 arteries that branch off of the aortic branch?
    • brachiocephalic artery AKA brachiocephalic trunk 
    • left common carotid artery
    • left subclavian artery
  10. the brachiocephalic trunk further divides into what?
    • right common carotid artery 
    • right subclavian artery
  11. how many brachiocephalic arteries are there and where is it located?
    1, and it is located on the right side of the body.
  12. each common carotid artery branches into what?
    • external carotid artery 
    • internal carotid artery
  13. what does the external carotid arteries supply blood too?
    face, nose, oral cavity (teeth, tongue, etc.), ear, scalp, neck, pharynx, larynx, and thyroid gland.
  14. what does the internal carotid arteries supply blood with?
    brain, pituitary gland, and the eye.
  15. each subclavian artery branches to form what? which supplies blood to where?
    form the vertebral artery, which supplies blood to the brain and the spinal cord.
  16. the subclavian artery continues on into the axilarry region and is now called?
    which supplies blood to where?
    • axillary artery, 
    • which supplies blood to the axilla, shoulders, and chest wall (skin, and pectoral muscles)
  17. the axillary artery enters the arm and becomes ?
    brachial artery, which supplies blood to the arm.
  18. near the elbow the brachial artery branches to form the...
    where do they supply blood?
    • radial artery, which follows the radius 
    • &
    • ulnar artery which follows the ulna 
    • these arteries supply blood to the forearm.
  19. near the wrist the ulnar artery & radial artery unite to form... which supplies blood to the...
    • superficial palmar arch
    • and deep plamer arch
    • palmar arches supply blood to the palm of the hand.
  20. palmar arches branch off to form... and supply blood to what?
    forms digital arteries, and they supply blood to the fingers & thumb.
  21. what are the major arteries that supply blood to the brain?
    • internal carotid arteries &
    • vertebral arteries
  22. each internal carotid artery branches to form...
    an anterior cerebral artery
  23. how are the left and right anterior cerebral arteries interconnected....
    via anterior communicating artery
  24. along the ventral surface of the brainstem,  the left and right vertebral arteries merge to form the ...
    basilar artery
  25. the basilar artery branches to form the......
    posterior cerebral arteries.
  26. the posterior cerebral arteries branch to form the... which connect to what?
    posterior communicating arteries, & connect with the internal carotid arteries.
  27. internal carotid arteries & the basilar artery are interconnected by a circular anastomosis called....
    Circle of Willis (cerebral arterial circle)
  28. what is an Anastomosis? what is an "example"?
    • it is a connection between the same type of blood vessels. 
    • important for passing "traffic"
  29. what are the blood vessels that compromise the circle of Willis?
    • anterior cerebral arteries
    • anterior communicating artery
    • internal carotid arteries
    • posterior communicating arteries
    • posterior cerebral arteries
  30. what is the purpose of the circle of Willis ?
    the arrangement provides an alternate pathway through which blood can flow if an internal carotid artery or vertebral artery becomes blocked or damaged.
  31. where is the thoracic aorta located & where does it supply blood too?
    thoracic cavity & supplies blood to the chest walls and to many organs of the thoracic cavity.
  32. what are the several branches of the thoracic aorta?
    • bronchial arteries
    • esophageal arteries
    • pericardial arteries
    • intercostal arteries
    • superior phrenic arteries
  33. bronchial arteries supply blood to the....
    bronchi & bronchioles of the lungs. Note that the pulmonary arteries actually supply blood to the alveoli of the lungs.
  34. esophageal arteries supply blood to the...
  35. pericardial arteries supply blood to the...
    pericardium (sac around the heart)
  36. intercostal arteries supply blood to the....
    intercostal muscles, a portion of the spinal cord, and the upper back.
  37. superior phrenic arteries supply blood to the....
  38. abdominal aorta, where is it located and where does it supply blood?
    located in the abdominal cavity, and supplies blood to the abdominal organs
  39. the abdominal aorta  has 3 unpaired arteries that branch off of it, what are they?
    • celiac trunk
    • superior mesenteric artery 
    • inferior mesenteric artery
  40. the celiac trunk also divides into 3 branches what are the?
    • left gastric artery 
    • common hepatic artery 
    • splenic artery
  41. left gastric artery supplies blood to.....
    the stomach
  42. common hepatic artery supplies blood to the...
    liver & gallbladder
  43. splenic artery supplies blood to the.......
    spleen & pancreas
  44. superior mesenteric artery supplies blood to...paired or unpaired?
    • small intestines and the 1st half of the large intestine,
    • unpaired
  45. inferior mesenteric artery supplies blood to the.....paired or unparied?
    • large intestine.
    • unpaired
  46. the abdominal aorta had 5 paired arteries that branch off of it, what are they?
    • inferior phrenic arteries
    • suprarenal arteries
    • renal arteries
    • gonadal arteries
    • lumbar arteries
  47. inferior phrenic arteries supply blood to the...paired or unpaired?
    • diaphragm
    • paired
  48. suprarenal arteries supply blood to the... paired or unpaired?
    • adrenal glands
    • paired
  49. renal arteries supply blood to the...
    paired or unpaired?
    • kidneys
    • paired
  50. gonadal arteries supply blood to the... what are they called in men? what are they called in women? paired or unpaired?
    • supply blood to the gonads and other structures
    • men gonadal arteries are called testicular arteries which supply blood to the tesiticles
    • women gonadal arteries are called ovarian arteries which supply blood to the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. 
    • paired
  51. lumbar arteries supply blood to the... paired or unpaired?
    • spinal cord and to the lower back
    • paired
  52. where does the abdominal aorta split into 2 major arteries and what is it called?
    near the 4th lumbar vertebra (L4) & it is called right & left common iliac arteries.
  53. right & left iliac arteries branch out to form...
    • internal ililac artery
    • external illiac artery
  54. internal iliac arteries supply blood to the...
    pelvis, urinary bladder, buttocks, penis & scrotum (men), & vagina (women)
  55. external iliac arteries supply blood to the..
    lower limbs
  56. each external iliac artery descends into the thigh & becomes...and supplies blood to the...
    • becomes the femoral artery 
    • the femoral artery supplies blood to the thigh
  57. behind the knee the femoral artery then becomes the....
    popliteal artery
  58. the popliteal artery branches into the....
    and supplies blood the...
    • anterior tibial artery & the posterior tibial artery. 
    • the anterior tibial artery supplies blood to the anterior leg. 
    • posterior tibial artery supplies blood to the posterior leg.
  59. the anterior tibial artery becomes (      ) near the ankle.... which supplies blood to the..
    becomes the dorsalis pedis artery which supplies blood to the ankle.
  60. as it descends the dorsalis pedis branches to form the... which supplies blood to the...
    dorsalis arch (arcuate artery) which then supplies blood to the dorsal surface of the foot.
  61. In addiotion , the posterior tibial artery eventually branhces into the (       ) & (     ) ...
    which supply blood to the
    • lateral plantar artery and the medial plantar artery..
    • which supply blood to the plantar surface of the foot.
  62. which arteries branch off of the plantar arch to supply blood to the toes?
    digital arteries
  63. the lateral plantar artery and the medial plantar artery interconnect by the?
    plantar arch
  64. more superficial & can be seen through the skin. & carry blood from he organs of the body back to the heart. some are deeper tho.
  65. named in a distal direction,
  66. named in a proximal direction,
  67. what are the 3 major veins that empty into the right atrium of the heart
    • superior vena cava 
    • inferior vena cava
    • coronary sinus
  68. superior vena cava drains blood from the...
    head, neck, upper limbs, and chest.
  69. inferior vena cava drains blood from the....
    abdomen, pelvic organs, and lower limbs.
  70. coronary sinus drains blood from the....
    heart wall
  71. veins that drain the fingers and the thumb of the hand
    digital veins.
  72. digital veins empty into the..
    these veins drain the....
    • superficial palmar venous arch, the deep palmar venous arch, and the palmar venous plexus. 
    • these veins drain the palm of the hand.
  73. The palmar venous arches & the palmar venous plexus empty into the what veins?
    what do they drain?
    • basilic vein, median antebrachial vein, ulnar vein, radial vein, and cephalic vein
    • these veins drain the forearm.
  74. what 2 veins course through the forearm and then ascend into the arm?
    basilic vein and the cephalic vein.
  75. in front of the antecubital region, the cephalic vein and basilic vein form a side interconnection through the...
    median cubital vein.
  76. vein that blood samples are typically obtained from is ..
    median cubital vein
  77. before leaving the forearm, the ulnar vein & the radial vein combine to form the (....) that ascends into the arm.
    brachial vein
  78. which veins are the major veins of the arm?
    the arm is drained by these veins
    • basilic vein 
    • cephalic vein 
    • brachial vein
  79. as it approaches the axilla, the basilic vein joins the brachial vein to form the (.....)

    and it drains what?
    axillary vein 

    and it drains the axilla, shoulder and chest wall (skin and pectoral muscles)
  80. the axillary vein and the cephalic vein ultimately join to form the...
    subclavian vein
  81. after traveling for a short distance the subclavian vein ascneds & merges with the....

    & it forms what
    external jugular vein , internal jugular vein , & the vertebral vein

    & it forms the brachiocephalic vein
  82. how many brachiocephalic veins? & how many brachiocephalic arteries?
    2 brachiocephalic veins

    1 brachiocephalic artery
  83. the external jugular vein drains what
    the scalp & ear
  84. the internal jugular veins drain the what
    brain, pituitary gland, eye, face, oral cavity (teeth, tongue, etc.) nose, neck, pharynx, larynx, & thryoid gland.
  85. the vertebral vein drains what?
    a portion of the spinal cord (but not the brain)
  86. what veins combine at the top of the heart?
    and what is created?
    and where does the blood drain into?
    • the brachiocephalic veins combine,
    • & creates the superior vena cava 
    • which drains into the right atrium.
  87. the azygous system drains various regions of the thoracic cavity; these system consists of...
    azygous vein and the hemiazygous vein (also called the accessory hemiazygous vein)
  88. the hemiazygous veins drains into the azygous vein, which drains into the the...
    superior vena cava
  89. the azygous vein & the hemiazygous vein receive blood from what veinsjQuery1124032858185863092126_1528462360430
    • intercostal veins 
    • esophageal veins
    • bronchial veins
  90. intercostal veins drain blood from the..
    intercostal muscles and upper back
  91. esophageal veins drain the..
  92. bronchial veins drain the...
    bronchi and bronchioles of the lungs
  93. inferior vena cava is formed by the union of the...
    right & left common iliac veins
  94. each common iliac vein is formed by the union of an..
    internal iliac vein & an external iliac vein
  95. internal iliac vein drains the..
    pelvis, urinary bladder, buttocks, penis & scrotum (men), and vagina (women)
  96. external iliac vein drains ...
    the lower limbs!
  97. what do the digital veins drain?
    toes of the foot
  98. the digital veins (feet) empty into the...
    dorsal venous arch & into the plantar venous arch. 

  99. the dorsal venous arch drains the..
    dorsal surface of the foot
  100. plantar venous arch drains the
    plantar surface of the foot.
  101. dorsal venous arch ultimately empties into the ..
    anterior tibial vein and the greater saphenous vein.
  102. anterior tibial vein drains the...
    anterior leg
  103. the greater saphenous vein courses along the medial side of the leg AND...
    & what does it drain?
    thigh & drains that entire area.
  104. which is the longest vein of the body?
    great saphenous vein
  105. the plantar venous arch empties into the..

    and what does it drain?
    posterior tibial vein, which drains the posterior leg.
  106. in the back of the knee the anterior tibial vein & the posterior tibial vein to form ...

    & what does it drain?
    • form the Popliteal vein
    • & it drains this part of the knee
  107. popliteal vein ascends & becomes the..

    & what does it drain?
    • femoral vein 
    • which drains the thigh.
  108. the femoral vein then ascends. near the lower pelvis, the femoral vein joins with the greater saphenous to form the...
    external iliac vein.
  109. once formed, the inferior vena cava ascends through the abdomen. 5 paired abdominal veins drain into the inferior vena cava, what are they?
    • gonadal veins
    • renal veins 
    • suprarenal veins 
    • inferior phrenic veins 
    • hepatic veins
  110. what are gonadal veins called in men & in women?
    • testicular veins (men)
    • ovarian veins (women)
  111. testicular veins drain the..
  112. ovarian veins drain the...
    • ovaries
    • fallopian tubes
    • uterus
    so what does the left gonadal do?
    it drains into the renal vein.
  114. renal veins drain into the..

    paired or unpaired
    • kidneys 
    • paired
  115. suprarenal veins drain the..

    paired or unpaired?
    • adrenal glands 
    • paired
  116. inferior phrenic veins drain the...

    paired or unpaired?
    • diaphragm
    • paired
  117. hepatic veins drain the 
    paired or unpaired?
    • liver
    • paired
  118. (hepatic veins) there isn't a direct drainage of blood from the organs of the digestive system, the blood from these organs must first go to the liver via the...
    hepatic portal vein
  119. what does the hepatic portal vein do?
    allows the liver to screen the blood coming from the gastrointestinal tract.
  120. (hepatic portal vein)
    if there is excess glucose, the hepatocytes (liver cells) take up the glucose and store it as what?
  121. (hepatic portal vein to liver)
    excess vitamins (A, D, E, K, & B12) & minerals (iron & copper) in the blood are also removed & stored in the what ?
  122. (hepatic portal vein to liver) 
    what happens to toxic substances like drugs & alcohol?
    are removed & detoxified by the hepatocytes & then either reintroduced back into the blood or excreted into bile.
  123. 5 unpaired veins empty into the hepatic portal vein, what are they ??
    • superior mesenteric vein
    • inferior mesenteric vein 
    • splenic vein 
    • gastric vein 
    • cystic vein
  124. superior mesenteric vein drains the..

    paired or unpaired?
    • small intestine & the 1st half of the large intestine 
    • unpaired
  125. inferior mesenteric vein drains the..

    paired or unpaired?
    • last half of the large intestine
    • unpaired
  126. splenic vein drains the...
    who does it merge with before entering the hepatic portal?

    paired or unpaired?
    • drains the spleen & the pancreas
    • it merges with the inferior mesenteric before entering the hepatic portal vein,
    • unpaired
  127. gastric vein drains ...

    paired or unpaired?
    • portions of the stomach 
    • unpaired
  128. cystic vein drains.. 

    paired or unpaired
    • the gallbladder 
    • unpaired
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