English Lit Prep

  1. What poem links best to Foxes among the Lambs?
    name 4 points to talk about.
    • The badger
    • regular rhyme scheme
    • caesura
    • anaphora
    • personification
  2. What poem links best to An Irish Airman?
    name 3 points to talk about
    • the castle
    • rhyme scheme
    • pathetic fallacy
    • tonal shift
  3. what poem can be linked to Death of a Naturalist?
    name 3 points to talk about
    • Badger
    • personification
    • imagery
  4. Links between Irish Airman and Westminster Abbey
    • rhyme scheme
    • imagery
    • tone
  5. What dramatic techniques does Friel use to show change in Jack?
    • Stage directions-'no clerical collar.. scarcely any irish accent' 'enters from the back door'
    • Costume and clothing- description of uniform and 'broad-brimmed black hat..'
    • Language and syntax- disjointed, 'whats the word' short syntax- insinuates lack of interest
    • Theme of paganism- reference to pagan rituals shows eagerness to go back
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