MH - Somatic DO

  1. physical symptoms that cannot be explained by pathology
    Somatic Symptoms
  2. What are comorbidities of Somatic DO?
    depression and anxiety
  3. What is the time frame to be diagnosed with somatic do?
    Present over 6 months
  4. Why do many somatic DO patients use alcohol and drugs?
    not getting help from HC providers and to numb symptoms
  5. How is someone diagnosed with somatic DO - according to the DSM-V?
    • PHQ15
    • There is a rating system – look up online
    • If you have 15 points then definitely a somatic illness – don’t need to know for test
  6. Nursing care for somatic DO
    • Identify secondary gains – why is she always sick
    • If sick she can’t clean the house
    • Secondary: people will cater to her
    • Every bad habit has a secondary gain
    • Malingering – on and on about feelings – “I’ve noted that and the doctor will address it”
    • Anosognosia – lack of insight
  7. lack of insight
  8. What can help a patient with somatic DO?
    • Feeling understood
    • Broadening the agenda – let’s talk about how you spend your day
    • Making the link - journal
    • Negotiating further treatment – if you do your journal…
  9. Meds for somatic DO?


    Anxiolytics – benzo’s for limited time
  10. I don’t really care if I have this – what’s the big deal?
    La belle indifference
  11. something bad going on at home – so instead of focusing on that, they focus on me
    Tertiary gain (3rd gain)
  12. out of touch with self / the environment is out of place (people are robots)
    Depersonalization/ Derealization Disorder
  13. forget things, short or long periods
    Dissociative Amnesia
  14. amnesia and leave where you live and start a new life, assume new name, etc…
    Dissociative fugue
  15. split personality – host and alter personalities
    Dissociative identity disorder
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