Irish story school 1

  1. I'm hard to forget that day I'm telling you! In the second year I was a young and tasty young teenager at the time.
  2. It was the end of spring and the sun was splitting the stones.
  3. Of course, I was in school and we had a science class with Mr. Murphy.
  4. We were using scientific tools and appliances in the laboratory - fire, heat and glasses of all shapes. We were divided into small groups by the teacher - four pupils in each group.
  5. Not surprisingly, I was working with my friends and I do not need to tell you we were not listening to the important instructions that were being explained to us.
  6. We all had a bite with what was before us but the eye changed the eye! We saw blue red flames on the hood of one of the boys.
  7. I can not let you know how much we were frightened when it happened!
  8. As soon as the boy finally gave up that his jumper by fire ran like the wind around the room - screwing it and trying to turn off the fire at the same time! Unfortunately, he was a sensible attentive teacher Mr. MurchĂș and caught the fire extinguisher to end the fire.
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Irish story school 1
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