Where's Henry

  1. Sung by Physician, Handmaids, Mewn
    Where’s Henry?
  2. H’MAIDS; Where’s Henry?
    • He chooses now to take a ride, And when we tell Henry, He’ll say his place was at her side, And not, hunting in the
    • park for deer,
    • His rightful place is
    • with us here,
    • We should
    • watch our heads if he isn’t told in time
  3. PHYSICIAN; Where’s Henry?
    H’MAIDS;Where’s Henry?
    PHYSICIAN;Girl fetch some towels and wash your hands,This baby, is coming, it will not wait for those with plans to hunt,
    H’MAIDS;Her agony is all too clear,
    PHYSICIAN;God help us if he isn’t here
    We should pray that the headsman’s axe is far from blunt
  4. H’MAIDS; Oh what a beautiful thing,
    To witness
  5. H’MAIDS; A Queen giving birth to an heir
    May God Bless
  6. Handm; All of his life, it will live
    In splendor
  7. H’MAIDS; God save the Queen and protect
    And mend her
  8. H’MAIDS; Watch her as she labours to produce this child
    If Henry doesn’t make it will drive him wild
  9. PHYSICIAN; Tidy her bed, mop her brow, she’s tiring
    H’MAIDS; Don’t let the king see that she’s perspiting
    • Call out the guard, beg them search for Henry.
    • Surely he’ll come
  10. PHYSICIAN; But,God, when will that be?H’MAIDS; All will be rejoicing when the child is born
    • But none so much as Henry,
    • if he makes it here by dawn.
  11. H’MAIDS; The Queen she has fainted
    PHYSICIANA; blessed rest from all the pain,
    H’MAIDS; So long she has waited,
    PHYSICIAN; Three days and nights without the gain of birth. Quickly, bring my instruments, we’ll take the child from her forth hence.
    And present her with the child when she awakes
  12. H’MAIDS; And the King will have an heir before dawn breaks,
    And the King will have an heir before dawn breaks!

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