Phrase List

  1. to go crazy, to go out of one's mind
    pararse de cabeza
  2. face the circumstance
    dar la cara
  3. to be shameless
    tener cara dura
  4. to have both feet on the ground
    tener los pies en la tierra
  5. to lose one's head
    perder la cabeza
  6. to keep a cool head
    tener la cabeza fria
  7. an eye for an eye
    ojo por ojo
  8. to have a long / round face
    tener la cara larga / redonda
  9. to be blonde
    ser rubio/a
  10. to be dark-skinned
    ser moreno/a
  11. to have long / short hair
    tener el cabello largo / corto
  12. to be bald
    ser calvo/a
  13. to be short / tall
    ser alto/a / bajo/a
  14. to give thanks
    dar (las) gracias
  15. to give birth
    dar a luz
  16. to find something
    dar con algo
  17. to fall flat on one's face (lit. nose)
    dar de narices
  18. to tell time
    dar la hora
  19. to shake hands
    dar la mano
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