HS102 Chapter 10 Vocabulary

  1. Conformity Orientation
    refers to how strongly a family enforces the uniformity of attitudes, values, and beliefs.
  2. Conversation Orientation
    relates to how open families are to discussing a range of topics.
  3. Family Communication Pattern
    consensual, pluralistic, protective, or laissez-faire.
  4. Family System
    a group of interdependent individuals that interact and adapt together as a whole.
  5. Friends with benefits (FWB)
    is a popular term for nonromantic heterosexual friendships that include sexual activity.
  6. Intimacy
    close union, contact, association, or acquaintance
  7. Love Languages
    • suggests that we get into trouble when we fail to recognize that our way of expressing love
    • may not match our partner's.
  8. Relational Commitment
    involves a promise—sometimes implied and sometimes explicit—to remain in a relationship and to make that relationship successful
  9. Relational turning point
    transformative events that alter the relationship in a fundamental way.
  10. Role
    is a set of expectations about how to communicate.
  11. Triangulary Theory of Love
    Intimacy, Passion and Commitment
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