Ch.1 Professionalism

  1. restaurateur
    a person who owns or operates an establishment serving food
  2. grande cuisine
    the rich, intricate and elaborate cuisine of the 18th and 19th century French aristocracy
  3. classic cuisine
    a late 19th and early 20th century refinement and simplification of French grande cuisine
  4. nouvelle cuisine
    mid-20th century movement away from classic cuisine principles and toward a lighter cuisine based on natural flavors
  5. New american cuisine
    late 20th century movement that uses fresh locally grown, seasonal produce and high quality ingredients simply prepared (natural flavors)
  6. fusion cuisine
    the blending or use of ingredient and/or preparation methods from various ethnic, regional or national cuisines in the same dish (aka transnational cuisine)
  7. global cuisine
    foods or preparation methods that have become ubiquitous throughout the world
  8. national cuisine
    characteristic cuisine of a nation
  9. regional cuisine
    a set of recipes based on local ingredients, traditions and practices
  10. ethnic cuisine
    the cuisine of a group of people haing a common cultural heritage
  11. brigade
    a system of staffing a kitchen so each worker is assigned to specific tasks
  12. saucier
    saute station chef
  13. sous-chef
    principle assistant
  14. chefs de partie
    station chefs
  15. poissonier
    fish station chef
  16. grillardin
    grill station chef
  17. friurier
    fry station chef
  18. rotisseur
    roast station chef
  19. potager
    soup station chef
  20. lefumier
    vegetable station chef
  21. garde-manager
    pantry chef- cold food prep (salads, cold appetizers, etc)
  22. tournant
    works where needed
  23. patissier
    pastry chef
  24. executive chef
    coordinates and directs the kitchen
  25. sous-chef
    assists the executive chef
  26. area chefs
    responsible for a specific facility or function
  27. line cooks
    responsible for preparing menu items
  28. short-order cook
    prepares foods to order in smaller operations
  29. institutional cooks
    work with large quantities of prepackaged or prepared foods for schools and prisons
  30. Professional chef needs (6 characteristics)
    • -knowledge
    • -skill
    • -taste
    • - judgement
    • - dedication
    • - pride
  31. gastronomy
    the art and science of eating well
  32. gourmet
    a connoisseur of fine food and drink
  33. gourmand
    a connoisseur of fine food and drink (in excess)
  34. gourmet foods
    foods of the highest quality, perfectly prepared and beautifully presented
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