1. Who works for the JFACC?
    • Personal and Special Staff
    • Personnel
    • Communications
    • JAOC Director
  2. What is the composition of the AOC under the JAOC Director?
    • Strategy Division
    • Combat Plans Division
    • Combat Operations Division
    • ISR Division
    • Air Mobility Division
    • Specialty and Support Teams
    • PRCC
  3. What are the functions under the JAOC Strategy Directorate?
    • Strategy Plans
    • Strategy Guidance
    • Operational Assessment
    • Information Operations
  4. What are the functions under the JAOC Combat Plans Directorate?
    • TET (Target Engagement Team)
    • MAAP (Master Air Attack Plan)
    • ATO Production
    • C2 Plans
  5. What are the functions under the JAOC Combat Operations Directorate?
    • Offensive Operations
    • Defensive Operations
    • SIDO Team
    • Interface Control
  6. What are the functions under the JAOC ISR Directorate?
    • Analysis, Correlation, and Fusion
    • Target/Tactical Assessment
    • ISR Operations
    • PED Management
  7. What are the functions under the JAOC Air Mobility Directorate?
    • Aircraft Control
    • Air Refueling Control
    • Air Mobility Control
    • Aeromedical Evacuation
  8. What are the liaison elements in the JAOC?
    • AAMDC
    • AFLE
    • BCD
    • MARLE
    • NALE
    • SOLE
  9. What are the unit liaisons in the JAOC?
    • Interagency Liaisons
    • NGOs
    • IGOs
    • Contractors
    • Multinational Liaisons
  10. What are the steps in the Joint Air Tasking Cycle?
    • Effects, Objectives, and Guidance
    • Target Development
    • Weaponeering and Allocation
    • ATO Production and Dissemintion
    • Execution Planning, and Force Execution
    • Assessment
    • MAAP
    • ISR
  11. What is the senior USAF Element of the TACS?
    Air Operations Center
  12. What is the function of the Air Operations Center?
    Develops the ATO and ACO
  13. What are Operational objectives?
    The desired operational or theater strategic effects of aerospace employment
  14. What are Tactical objectives?
    The desired tactical effects to be produced by accomplishing the tactical tasks
  15. What are Tactical tasks?
    Actions to be taken against specified types of targets which we believe will produce the desired effects
  16. What are the 5 divisions of the JAOC?
    • Strategy Division
    • Combat Plans Division
    • Combat Operations Division
    • Air mobility division
    • ISR Division
    A component level liaison that serves as the direct representative ofthe JFACC.
  18. What are the JFACC responsibilities that matter most (to us)?
    • Develop guidance for the air operations directive (AOD)
    • Develop a joint air operations plan (AOP)
    • Recommend apportionment to the JFC
  19. What are the categories of air support for apportionment?
    • Strategic attack
    • Air Interdiction
    • Counterair
    • Maritime Support
    • CAS
  20. What is the purpose of the Strategy Division?
    Developes, refines, disseminates, and assesses the progress of the JFAC's strategy (JAOP, AOD). Also responsible for long range planning.
  21. What is the purpose of the Combat Plans Division?
    Develops, refines, disseminates JIPTL, MAAP, and ATO.
  22. What is the purpose of the Combat Operations Division?
    Responsible for montiroing and executing the current ATO.
  23. What is the purpose of the ISR Division?
    Provides ISR support to irspace planning and execution activities, supporting the JAOC, joint force, and subordinate units.
  24. What is the purpose of the Air Mobility Division?
    Plans, coordinates, tasks, and executes the airlift mission.
  25. Who develops the Joint Air Operations Plan (JOAP) to best support JFC objectives?
  26. Who is reponsible for apportionment?
  27. Who is responsible for Allocation?
  28. Who is responsible for Dissemination?
  29. When does air apportionment happen in the Air Tasking Cycle?
    During stage 1: Objectives, Effects, and Guidance (ALLOREQ)
  30. From what does the JFACC formulate his priorities?
    From strategic guidance and from the JFC's objectives.
  31. During what phase of the ATC does allocation happen?
    During phase 3: Weaponeering and Allocation (SORTIEALLOT)ment
  32. Which division develops the Joint Air Operations Plan?
    Strategic Division
  33. What are the two types of FSCMs?
    • Permission
    • Restrictive
  34. What is the role of the BCD in the Air Operations Center?
    • Senior US Army liaison to the JFACC
    • Processes Army requests for air support and airspace
    • Monitors and interprets the land battle situation in the JAOC
    • Ensures ATAMS and GMLRS preplanned and immediate missions are on the ATO
    • Coordinates and monitors airlift missions ISO Army Operations
    • Monitors the execution of, and all changes, to the current ATO as it pertains to the missions plannedagainst Army nominated targets
  35. What is an Air Coordination Area (ACA)?
    • The ACA is a restrictive FSCM used to ensure aircrew safety and the effective use of indirect surface joint fires by deconfliction through time and space.
    • The ACA is a block or corridor of airspace in which friendly aircraft are reasonably safe from surface fires.
    • There are two types: Formal and Informal
  36. What are the positions in the TACP?
    • JTAC
    • ALO
    • ROMADs
  37. What step does the JTCB reside in of the JTC?
    Step 4: Commander’s Decision and Force Assignment
  38. What is the lowest echelon of the CFL and what is it?
    • CFL is a permissive FSCM, it expedites surface-to-surface engagement beyond the CFL without coordination with the land commander.
    • The lowest echelon that may establish is the BCT.
  39. Who approves the ATO?
    The JFACC
  40. What are the responsibilities of the JFACC?
    • Develop daily anticipatory guidance for construction of the AOD
    • Develop the Joint Air Operations Plan to best support the JFCs CONOPS
    • Recommend to the JFC apportionment of the Joint Air effort after consulting with other component commanders
  41. What are the tasks in combat assessment?
    • BDA
    • MEA
    • Reattack
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