Korean verbs/adjectives

  1. 설거지하다
    to wash dishes
  2. 출근하다
    to arrive at work
  3. 결혼하다
    to marry
  4. 예쁘다
    to be pretty
  5. 운동하다
    to exercise
  6. 가르치다
    to teach
  7. 달다
    to be sweet
  8. 가다
    to go
  9. 마시다
    to drink
  10. 반기다
    to be happy
  11. 크다
    to be big
  12. 맵다
    to be spicy/hot
  13. 맛이없다
    to taste bad
  14. 자다
    to sleep
  15. 비싸다
    to be expensive
  16. 산책하다
    to go for a walk
  17. 타다
    to ride in a vehicle
  18. 밥을 먹다
    to eat (rice)
  19. 텔레비전을 보다
    to watch television
  20. 춥다
    to be cold
  21. 싸다
    to be inexpensive
  22. 맛이있다
    to taste good
  23. 쓰다
    to write/to be bitter/to use
  24. 많다
    to be many
  25. 돕다
    to help
  26. 술을 마시다
    to drink alcohol
  27. 보다
    to see/look/watch
  28. 노래방에 가다
    to go to a singing room
  29. 적다
    to be few, a few
  30. 전화하다
    to call
  31. 배우다
    to learn
  32. 청소하다
    to clean house
  33. 시다
    to be sour, tart
  34. 친구를 만나다
    to meet a friend
  35. 회의를 하다
    to hold a meeting
  36. 공부하다
    to study
  37. 세탁하다
    to wash, do laundry
  38. 일어나다
    to get up out of bed
  39. 전화를 걸다
    to make a telephone call
  40. 전화를 받다
    to answer a telephone
  41. 일을 끝내다
    to finish work, finish a specific task
  42. 좋아하다
    to like
  43. 이메일을 보내다
    to send an email
  44. 좋다
    to be good
  45. 쉬 다
    to rest
  46. 일하다
    to work
  47. 바쁘다
    to be busy
  48. 짜다
    to be salty
  49. 듣다
    to listen
  50. 재미하다
    to be fun/interesting
  51. 불렀다
    were/was sung
  52. 영화를 보다
    to watch a movie
  53. 등산을 가다
    to go mountain climbing/hiking
  54. 놀이공원에 가다
    to go to an amusement park
  55. 들리다
    to be heard
  56. 닫다
    • to run
    • to close
  57. 살다
    to live
  58. 오다
    to come
  59. 그리다
    to draw
  60. 맞다
    to be right/correct
  61. 회사원이다
    to be a company worker
  62. 학생이다
    to be a student
  63. 친구이다
    to be a friend
  64. 아프다
    to be painful
  65. 묻다
    to ask
  66. 아름답다
    to be beautiful
  67. 부르다
    to call
  68. 자르다
    to cut
  69. 앉다
    to sit
  70. 알다
    to understand, to know
  71. 외운다
    to memorize
  72. 열다
    to open
  73. 가지다
    to bring/have
  74. 궁금하다
    to be curious about
  75. 끝나다
    to be over, to end
  76. 끝내다
    to finish
  77. 늦다
    to be late
  78. 대담하다
    to answer, respond
  79. 마치디
    to finish, complete
  80. 말하다
    to speak, talk
  81. 모르다
    to not know
  82. 물어보다
    to ask, inquire
  83. 빌리다
    to lend, borrow
  84. 알아듣다
    to understand what was said or heard
  85. 졸리다
    to be sleepy
  86. 틀리다
    to be wrong
  87. 모이다
    to gather together
  88. 잘하다
    to do well, be good at
  89. 목마르다
    to be thirsty
  90. 배고프다
    to be hungry
  91. 배부르다
    to be full
  92. 잊다
    to forget
  93. 정하다
    to decide
  94. 고맙다
    to be thankful
  95. 괜찮다
    to be good, okay
  96. 똑똑하다
    to be smart, clever
  97. 믿다
    to believe, trust
  98. 반갑다
    to be glad
  99. 싸우다
    to fight
  100. 잃다
    to lose
  101. 지키다
    to keep
  102. 쳐다보다
    to stare, look at
  103. 구하다
    to look for, seek
  104. 남다
    to remain
  105. 다니다
    to go to, attend
  106. 한가하다
    to be free, not be busy
  107. 간단하다
    to be simple
  108. 갈아입다
    to change one's clothes
  109. 꿈을 꾸다
    to dream
  110. 나가다
    to go out
  111. 나오다
    to come out
  112. 들르다
    to stop by
  113. 눕다
    to lie down
  114. 들어 가다
    to enter, to come in
  115. 받다
    to receive
  116. 씻다
    to wash
  117. 들다
    to hold, to carry, to lift
  118. 떠나다
    to leave
  119. 싫다
    to be unpleasant, to dislike
  120. 달리다
    to run
  121. 싫어하다
    to hate
  122. 부르다
    to sing
  123. 즐기다
    to enjoy
  124. 덥다
    to be hot (weather)
  125. 따뜻하다
    to be warm
  126. 사다
    to buy
  127. 요하다
    to require, need
  128. 신다
    to put on (shoes)
  129. 입다
    • to put on (clothes)
    • to wear
  130. 수영하다
    to swim
  131. 만들다
    to make
  132. 돌아가다
    to go back, to go around a place
  133. 선선하다
    to be cool, refreshing (weather)
  134. 담배를 피우다
    to smoke a cigarette
  135. 손대다
    to touch
  136. 뛰다
    to run
  137. 기대다
    to lean
  138. 주차하아
    to park
  139. 들어가다
    to enter
  140. 사진을 찍다
    to take a picture
  141. 휴대전화를 사용하다
    to use a cell phone
  142. 같다
    to be the same
  143. 켜다
    to turn on
  144. 두다
    to set
  145. 딸어지다
    to drop
  146. 말리다
    to dry
  147. 편하다
    to be comfortable, to be convenient
  148. 더럽다
    to be dirty
  149. 시끄럽다
    to be noisy
  150. 조용하다
    to be quiet
  151. 사용하다
    to use
  152. 빠르다
    to be fast
  153. 느리다
    to be slow
  154. 보내다
    to send
  155. 걷다
    to walk
  156. 팔다
    to sell
  157. 팔라다
    to be sold
  158. 고르다
    to choose
  159. 중요하다
    to be important
  160. 들다
    to cost (money)
  161. 주다
    to give
  162. 무겁다
    to be heavy
  163. 내다
    to pay
  164. 깎다
    to lower the price
  165. 가볍다
    to be light weight
  166. 화려하다
    to be splendid
  167. 이상하다
    to be strange, weird
  168. 버리다
    to take out
  169. 밟다
    to step
  170. 걱정하다
    to worry
  171. 데려오다
    to bring
  172. 들어오다
    to come in
  173. 나가다
    to go out
  174. 나오다
    to come out
  175. 끼다
    to hold
  176. 쥐다
    to hold
  177. 부수다
    to break
  178. 부딪히다
    to bump into
  179. 증진하다
    to improve
  180. 차다
    to kick
  181. 잡다
    to catch
  182. 바꾸다
    to change
  183. 웃다
    to laugh
  184. 잠그다
    to lock
  185. 쑤시다
    • to pick (used with toothpick, etc.)
    • to be sore (body)
  186. 놀다
    to play
  187. 덮다
    to cover
  188. 울다
    to cry
  189. 끊다
    to cut
  190. 춤을 추다
    to dance
  191. 운전하다
    to drive
  192. 떨어뜨리다
    to drop
  193. 지우다
    to erase
  194. 넘어지다
    to fall
  195. 고치다
    to fix
  196. 접다
    to fold
  197. (이)라고 하다
    to say, to call
  198. 다르다
    to be different
  199. 하고 싶다
    to want to, wish to
  200. 마중 나가다
    to welcome someone who is arriving somewhere
  201. 받아 주다
    to take, receive
  202. 전하다
    to convey information, to deliver
  203. 다녀오다
    to go somewhere and return, to return from having done something
  204. 날씨가 좋다
    to have good weather
  205. 흐리다
    to be overcast
  206. 눈이 오다
    to snow
  207. 안개가 끼다
    to be foggy
  208. 시원하다
    to be cool
  209. 맑다
    to be clear
  210. 비가 오다
    to rain
  211. 바람이 불다
    to be windy
  212. 쌀쌀하다
    to be chilly
  213. 건조하다
    to be dry
  214. 걸리다
    • to hang by, be suspended by
    • (used when asking about time)
  215. 갈아타다
    to transfer bus or train
  216. 나쁘다
    to be bad
  217. 작다
    to be small
  218. 계시다
    to be (honorific)
  219. 주무시다
    to sleep (honorific)
  220. 집수시다
    to eat (honorific)
  221. 말씀하시다
    to speak (honorific)
  222. 이를 닦다
    to brush your teeth
  223. 졸업하다
    to pass class/school
  224. 양치질하다
    to brush your teeth
  225. 화장하다
    to put on makeup
  226. 면도하다
    to shave
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