Division Fires, BCD, Corps Fires

  1. What is the objective of Fires Planning?
    To optimize combat power.
  2. What are the four inherent FA support responsibilities?
    • Direct Support (Support specific force.)
    • General Support (Support entire force.)
    • General Support Reinforcing (Reinforce GS.)
    • Reinforcing (Support like unit.)
  3. What is the Division Fires Cell's role in targeting?
    It is the primary action agency for targeting.
  4. What is used to develop the Fire Support Plan?
    • The Fires paragraph in the OPORD
    • Annex D
  5. What is the mission of the BCD?
    To represent the Army forces commander.
  6. Where is the Ground Liaison Detachment of the BCD?
    At the Wing Operations Center
  7. What are the elements of the BCD?
    • Plans
    • Operations
    • Intelligence
    • Airlift
    • Airspace Management
    • Air Defense
  8. How many Army Corps are in CONUS?
    3: I, III, XVIII
  9. What targeting methodology is used by Corps Fires?
  10. With what organization does Corps Fires coordinate?
    The BCD
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Division Fires, BCD, Corps Fires
Division Fires, BCD, Corps Fires