National Military Strategy

  1. What is the National Security Strategy?
    • Approved by the President
    • Applies DIME to achieve national security objectives
    • Concept to shape globl environment and provide security
    • Required Annually
  2. What is the National Military Strategy?
    • Conveys advice
    • Approved by CJCS
    • Addresses military Objectives, Methods, Requirements (Ways, Means, Ends)
    • Describes distribution and application of military power
    • Required in even-numbered years
  3. What is the common theme associated with accomplishing national strategic objectives?
    A continuous assessment of objectives.
  4. What is the National Defense Strategy?
    • Addresses how the Armed Forces will fight and win America‚Äôs wars
    • Describes how DOD will support the the National Security Strategy
    • Informs the National Military Strategy
    • NOT required by law
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National Military Strategy
National Military Strategy