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  1. What is the minimum standard for Police to Population ratio?

    C. 1 Policeman/ 1000 population
  2. Which of the following is the plan with which the LGU promotes the general welfare of its inhabitants in its capacity as a corporate body?

    A. CDP
  3. As mandated in the Local Government Code (Sec. 109,a,2, RA 7160), the preparation of the medium term and annual public investment programs is one of the functions of the:

    B. Local Development Council
  4. Which of the following belong to the “Secondary Sector” of the Economic Development Sector?

    i. mining and quarrying
    ii. mining
    iii. forestry
    iv. manufacturing
    v. tourism
    vi. real estate

    A. i, ii, iv
  5. It is the central spot in ancient Greek city-states. The literal meaning of the word is "gathering place" or "assembly". It was the center of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city.

    B. agora
  6. The planning function of local governments is embedded in the dual status of local government units (LGU). Which of the following represent this dual status?

    C. political unit and corporate body
  7. What is the maximum duration of the CBFMA?

    C. 25 years
  8. What is the age of the population considered as dependent?

    C. Less and 15 years old and more than 65 years
  9. Who shall accredit the NGOs to become a member of the LDC?

    B. Sanggunian
  10. Euclidean Zoning was named after:

    B. the town of Euclid, Ohio
  11. Whenever it is necessary to acquire real property through expropriation for the right-of-way site or location of any national government infrastructure, what will be the primary basis of the land valuation?

    A. Zonal value of the BIR
  12. What is the urban form of Tacurong and Koronadal City?

    B. Urban Star
  13. This principle in real estate economics states that “the value of a property tends to be enhanced by its association with superior properties”.

    B. Principle of Progression
  14. What is the maximum slope of a forest land that can be utilized for pasture purposes?

    B. 50%
  15. Ebenezer Howard’s notion was that when any town reached a certain size, it should stop growing and the excess should be accommodated in another town close by. Thus the settlement would grow by cellular addition into a complex multicentered agglomeration of towns, set against a green background of open country. Howard called this polycentric settlement the:

    A. Social City
  16. Who wrote De Re Aedificatoria, which was the first architectural treatise of the Renaissance and covered a wide range of subjects, from history to town planning, and engineering to the philosophy of beauty?

    C. Leon Battista Alberti
  17. Based on the 2015 Census of Population, among the highly urbanized city outside of the NCR, which of the following is the most sparsely populated city with 107 persons per square kilometer of land?

    A. Puerto Princesa City
  18. According to Section 110 of RA 7160, what is the minimum frequency of meetings by the local development council

    A. shall meet at least once every six (6) months or as often as may be necessary
  19. How many legally mandated plans are required from LGUs?

    C. 33
  20. The following are some of the five goal elements of Philippine Agenda 21 EXCEPT:

    A. Climate Change Resiliency
  21. In a very influential pamphlet published in 1912, Nothing Gained by Overcrowding!, it was argued that housing should be developed at lower densities of 30 houses per hectare or 124-150 people/hectare. Who wrote this pamphlet?

    D. Raymond Unwin
  22. The private-led redevelopment of inner cities such as at Rockwell Center Makati and Ayala Center in Cebu is an adoption of which redevelopment model?

    B. British Model
  23. It argues that low-skilled minorities residing in US inner cities experience poor labor market outcomes because they are disconnected from suburban job opportunities.

    D. spatial mismatch hypothesis
  24. In the design made by Clarence Stein for Radburn, New Jersey, the vehicle streets are designed according to a hierarchical principle, with the main primary routes giving access to local distributors and then in turn to local access roads designed on the cul-de-sac (dead end) principle, serving small groups of houses. This layout is also called:

    a. Hierarchical Layout
    b. Radburn Layout
    c. Distributed Layout
    d. Local Distribution Layout
    b Radburn Layout
  25. How many indicators are there in the Local Development Indicators (LDIs)?

    C. 156
  26. Which of the following is TRUE about the basic real property tax?

    C. It is the tax on the privilege of owning the land
  27. It refers to a forest land reservation essentially of primitive or wilderness character which has been withdrawn from settlement or occupancy and set aside as such exclusively to preserve the scenery, the natural and historic objects and the wild animals or plants therein, and to provide enjoyment of these features in such a manner as will leave them unimpaired for future generations.

    B. National park
  28. According to the DENR for an area to be considered a forest it must be at least one hectare in size and what percentage of the area covered with tree crowns?

    D. at least ten (10) percent
  29. How many land capability classes are used by the BSWM?

    B. Nine
  30. Based on the 2015 Census of Population, which of the following is the most sparsely populated region in the Philippines, with a population density of only 87 persons per square kilometer.

    A. Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
  31. It refers to a title formally recognizing the rights of ICCs/IPs over their ancestral lands.

    B. Certificate of Ancestral Lands Title
  32. The amount allotted for debt servicing should not exceed how many percent of the regular income of the local government unit concerned?

    B. 25%
  33. Who proposed the Law of the Primate City, which states that the primate city is commonly at least twice as large as the next largest city and more than twice as significant?

    A. George Zipf
  34. According to Russwurm’s Generalized Model, the following are the three sectors of the town EXCEPT:

    C. Urban CBD
  35. during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines?

    C. catholic church
  36. n the processing and approval of CBFMA, who will approve the application for areas between 500 to 5,000 hectares?

    D. CENRO
  37. The monuments at the boundaries of the projected areas shall have a dimension of 15.00 cm x 60.00 cm using Class A concretes. Which of the following is the mark used for the monuments?

    B. PA
  38. It is a facility with an elevated path for pedestrians that run along or across a wetland, or an ecologically sensitive or delicate area. It is essential for minimizing impact of protected area usage on the plants, animals or other ecologically sensitive resources.

    B. Boardwalk
  39. t refers to a farm in area of land cleared for cultivation by slashing and burning away the vegetation.

    A. swidden farm
  40. According to an administrative order by the DENR, each protected area under NIPAS shall be divided into how many management zones?

    C. Two
  41. The following are the property domains in the Philippines EXCEPT:

    C. Protected domain
  42. It is the harmonious integration of a sound and viable economy, responsible governance, social co¬hesion and ecological integrity, to ensure that development is a life-sustaining process.

    C. Sustainable development
  43. The tendency of an ecosystem to maintain its balance by regulatory mechanisms when disrupted, is known as

    D. Homeostasis
  44. What is the maximum percentage of the suitable water surface area of all lakes and rivers that can be allotted for aquaculture purposes, like fish pens, fish cages and fish traps, by the LGUs in consultation with the concerned FARMC?

    A. 10%
  45. What time type of climate is characterized by the absence of a dry season but with a very pronounced maximum rain period from November to January. Regions included in this type are along or very near the eastern cost and are not sheltered form the northeast monsoon, trade winds and storms?

    D. Type II
  46. Which of the following bureaus of the DENR administers the public domain classified as national parks?

    D. Biodiversity Management Bureau
  47. What is the time horizon for the CLUP?

    A. 30 years
  48. It is the elevation to which an artesian aquifer (water bearing rock structure) will rise in a well.

    B. Piezometric level
  49. It is a neighborhood and district layout model which combines the geometries of inner city grids and of the conventional suburbs. This fusion results in retaining the best characteristics of each and none of their disadvantages while raising the quality of the neighborhood environment.

    C. Fused Grid
  50. Which of the following are the functions of the Local School Board?

    i. Determine the annual supplementary budgetary needs for the operation and maintenance of public schools
    ii. Authorize the provincial, city or municipal treasurer to disburse funds from the Special Education fund
    iii. Serve as an advisory committee to the Sanggunian concerned on educational matters iv. Recommend changes in the names of public schools within the territorial jurisdiction of the local government unit
    v. Be consulted by the DEPED on the appointment of division superintendents, district supervisors, school principals, and other school officials.

    C. i, ii, iii, iv, v
  51. What is the maximum area, from the total agricultural land area, that can be reclassified by the fourth to sixth-class municipalities in accordance with Section 20 of RA 7160?

    B. 5%
  52. It is the legal process whereby the registered voters of a local government unit may directly propose, enact, or amend any ordinance.

    C. Local initiative
  53. Under RA 6957 (BOT Law) as amended by RA 7718, what is the maximum reasonable rate of return on investments and operating and maintenance cost for negotiated contracts for public utility projects which are monopolies?

    C. 12%
  54. In coordination with other government agencies, which agency is mandated under the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 to formulate guidelines and standards for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage including guidelines for the establishment and operation of centralized sewage treatment system?

    D. DOH
  55. What is the width of the right of way for national roads constructed through naturally forested areas?

    B. At least 120 meters
  56. It is a decision tool which lists all possible land-use activities and indicates whether each activity is permitted in a given zone, without, with certain, or under special conditions.

    A. Zoning Compatibility Matrix
  57. Under the BOT Law, in case of negotiated contracts which agency shall determine the rate of return prior to the negotiation and/or call for proposals?

    B. Investment Coordination Committee of NEDA
  58. What is the total lease period, including the renewal period, for Fishpond Lease Agreement

    a. 30 years
    b. 4o years
    c. 50 years
    d. 100 years
  59. It is a string of land margining a body of water; the part of a seashore between the low-water line usually at the seaward margin of a low tide terrace and the upper limit of wave wash at high tide usually marked by a beach scarp or berm.

    B. Foreshore Land
  60. It is the maximum harvest allowed to be taken during a given period of time from any fishery area, or from any fishery species or group of fishery species, or a combination of area and species.

    C. Total Allowable Catch
  61. It is a contractual arrangement whereby a project proponent is authorized to finance, construct, own, operate and maintain an infrastructure and is allowed to recover its total investment, operating and maintenance costs plus a reasonable return by collecting tolls, fees, rentals or other charges from facility users.

    C. Build-own-and-operate
  62. Who will be the chairman of the Local Prequalification, Bids and Awards Committee (Local PBAC) of a city according RA 7160?

    D. Planning and Development Coordinator
  63. It is defined as economic development pertains to the pursuit of economic growth while preventing costly environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and unsustainable use of natural resources (OECD).

    A. Sustainable growth
  64. If Section 10 RA 8435 or AFMA Law will be followed, how often will all land use plans and zoning ordinances be updated after the SAFDZ are incorporated into the respective land use and zoning ordinances of the cities or municipalities?

    A. 4 years
  65. Who will maintain the heritage zone declared by the National Museum and/or the National Historical Institute?

    a. National Museum
    b. National Historical Institute
    c. National Commission for Culture and the Arts d. Local Government Unit
    d. Local Government Unit
  66. The minimum burial plot size for ground interment as per HLURB rules is

    C. 1m x 2.44m
  67. For island municipalities or inaccessible areas , what will be the permanent population to be served within the catchment area for a new hospital to be established?

    D. least 25,000 population
  68. For universities with more than 10,000 students, what is the minimum area for its campus?

    B. 7 has
  69. For Secondary Schools, the ground area occupied by school buildings and other structures should not exceed ______ of the school site in order to provide adequate open spaces for assembly and co-curricular activities.

    B. 40%
  70. What is the maximum area of a quarry which a qualified person may hold at any one time under the Philippine Mining Act?

    A. five hectares
  71. Which of agency or agencies was vested the management authorities for terrestrial and aquatic resources in the implementation of international agreement on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora?

    D. All of the above
  72. De-establishment of a protected area under the NIPAS or modification of its boundary shall take effect through a/an:

    A. act of Congress
  73. For the population seven years old and over, what is the minimum number of years in elementary education to be considered literate?

    A. One year
  74. It refers to any person, group or institution that has an interest in a development activity, project or program.

    D. stakeholder
  75. Which steps in the 12-step CLUP process that can be carried out interchangeably?

    i. Step 2 Identify Stakeholders
    ii. Step 3 Set the Vision
    iii. Step 4 Analyze the Situation
    iv. Step 5 Set the Goals and Objectives

    B. iii and iv
  76. The primary planning area is defined by the cities’/municipalities’ political boundaries. This includes all component barangays and the city/municipal waters extending to how many kilometers from the shoreline of coastal LGUs?

    A. 15 kilometers
  77. It is a state of change over a reference point (baseline or time period) arising from the production and utilization of project outputs.

    C. Project impact
  78. Which of the following are the principles and approaches adopted in the CLUP preparation process?

    I. Watershed as platform for land use planning
    II. Inclusive and expansive governance
    III. Co-management principle
    IV. Horizontal Planning Approach
    V. Gender responsiveness and sensitivity
    VI. Integration of Barangay Development Plans (Bottom-Up Approach)
    VII. Top-to-Bottom Approach

    A. I, II, III, V, VI, VII
  79. Arrange the following CLUP process-steps:

    I. Analyze the Situation
    II. Set the Goals and Objectives
    III. Set the Vision
    IV. Identify Stakeholders

    C. IV, III, I, II
  80. Which investment may limit growth in the urban fringe?

    A. military camps, university campuses, research/science parks
  81. It serves as the common strategic physical planning platform for the formulation and preparation of all land uses and physical plans.

    C. Watershed
  82. Which of the items listed below is/are taxes imposed on real property ownership in the Philippines:

    i. real property tax
    ii. special Education fund
    iii. the tax on idle lands
    iv. special benefit assessment.

    D. i, ii, iii and iv
  83. The following are the major components of the LDIP EXCEPT:

    B. the list of Settlement, Production, Infrastructure and Protected areas
  84. This tool for area estimations involve laying a transparent grid over an area of interest and counting the grid cells or dots that fall within that area. This is a quick and easy way to estimate areas, or to estimate the density of objects, and is relatively easy to understand.

    C. dot grid
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