1. Impact noise of 140 dB requires _____ hearing protection.
  2. What are the phases of TCTO?
    • Concept
    • Validation
    • Development
    • Deployment
  3. What are the 6 T/S steps?
    • Symptom recognition
    • Symptom elaboration
    • Sectionalizing
    • Localizing faulty function
    • Isolate failed function
    • Failure analysis
  4. What does SMART stand for?
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Action-oriented
    • Realistic
    • Time-bound
  5. What are the basic 4 types of cable?
    • Coax
    • Fiber
    • Multi-connector
    • Power
  6. What does it mean if your desicant pack is pink?
    Too much moisture
  7. What is the acceptable accuracy of a DF?
  8. What does a red X on the maintenance record page of ALMIS mean?
    Grounding/disabling discrepency
  9. What does ALMIS stand for?
    Aviation Logistics Management Information System
  10. What are the responsibilities of SMEF?
    • Maintenance management
    • Configuration management
    • Technician liaison
    • Performance monitoring
    • Dissemination of technical information
  11. With COG code 7 what is the difference between net and unit prices?
    When a carcass is returned the net is payed. The unit is paid if there is nothing to turn in.
  12. What is a CG-4940?
    Surf Req Log
  13. What is SPETERL?
    Ship/shore Portable Electronic Test Equipment Requirement List
  14. What does SMEF stand for?
    System Management Engineering Facility
  15. What does OSHA stand for?
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  16. What is LOEP?
    • List Of Effective Pages
    • Navy PMS list
  17. What is GPETE?
    General Purpose Electronics Test Equipment
  18. What entity identifies radiation hazards at units?
    • MLCs
    • Maintenance Logistics Command
  19. What categories are leadership competencies grouped into?
    • Self
    • Working with others
    • Performance
  20. When was the Spanish-American war?
  21. When was the Civil War?
  22. When was the Quasi-War?
  23. When were all rates and officer fields opened to women?
  24. What is the minimum length of a cutter to be under Area control?
  25. What is the normal PR limit?
  26. What is NEC?
    National Electrical Code
  27. What is MIL-STD-188-124B?
    Grounding and bonding manual
  28. What is article 90?
    Striking a superior commissioned officer
  29. What is article 31?
    Right to not self incriminate
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