1. What are the four receiver functions?
    • Reception
    • Selection
    • Detection
    • Reproduction
  2. What are the four receiver characteristics?
    • Sensitivity
    • Noise
    • Selectivity
    • Fidelity
  3. What is heterodyning?
    The principle of beating two frequencies together to get an intermediate frequency
  4. Used to reduce interface, it widens the interference pulse.
  5. What are the differences between Marconi and Hertz antennas?
    • Marconi: Quarter Wave & Grounded ( can be installed on sand)
    • Hertz: Half Wave
  6. What is a main bang?
    The area of the radar image closest to the vessel which can not be seen due to the pulse width.
  7. What locations can an antenna safety disconnect switch be installed?
    Below antenna platform, on or near the base of the mast, or in pilothouse.
  8. What is scintillation?
    A target maneuvers and RF bounces off different parts of the target which possibly causes random reflectivity and tracking errors.
  9. Define Doppler effect.
    From a stationary point the radar strikes a moving object. The result is a change in frequency of the return RF.
  10. What are the components of the AN/SPS-50?
    • Processor Unit (RPU-013)
    • Monitor Unit (MU-201CR/MU-231CR)
    • Control Unit (RCU-014)
    • Antenna Unit
  11. What is the working load limit for climbing safety gear?
    310 lbs
  12. How tall must a tower be before it is designated a tall tower?
    300 ft
  13. CPR begun within 4 minutes revives _ out of 10 people.
  14. What are the three main hazards of working aloft?
    • Falling
    • EMR
    • Burns
  15. When climbing a safety must be within ___ ft of the main climber.
  16. What is the effective range of 15 lb CO2 extinguisher?
    4-6 ft
  17. What is the primary cause of casualties?
    Human failure
  18. What are the seven steps of ORM?
    • Define Mission
    • Identify Hazards
    • Assess Risk
    • Identify Options
    • Evaluate Risk v Gain
    • Execute Decisions
    • Monitor Situation
  19. For hearing protection what is the dB range for single, double, and impact (for single)?
    • S: 85
    • D: 105
    • I: 140
  20. What are the symptoms of electric shock?
    • Unconsciousness
    • Body stiff/rigid
    • Face pale or bluish
    • Pulse weak or absent
    • Burns
  21. Who was the keeper of Lime Rock Lighthouse?
    Ida Lewis
  22. Who was the author of Roots and the autobiography of Malcolm X?
    Alex P. Haley
  23. What cutter made the first naval capture of WWII?
  24. What were the original 10 Revenue Cutters?
    • General Green
    • Argus
    • Scammel
    • Massachusetts
    • Virginia
    • South Carolina
    • Eagle
    • Vigilant
    • Active
    • Diligence
  25. When was the rank of CPO created?
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