JC biology plants

  1. Xylem function
     Transports water and minerals up the plant
  2. Phloem
    Transports food in the form of glucose solution from the leaves to the plants
  3. where does gas exchange occur
    In the leaves
  4. Transpiration
    • The loss of water from a plant
    • due to evaporation and through the stomata
  5. What is the stomata and where is it located?
    They are pores in the on the leaves surface (under)
  6. Function of the root
    see booklet
  7. Function of stem
  8. Function of flower
    • Sexual reproduction
    • attracts pollinators
    • produces seeds
  9. Function of seed
  10. Geotropism
    Growth in response to gravity
  11. phototropism
    Growth in response to light
  12. How to test a liquid is water
    • Put a sample on Blue cobalt chloride paper
    • turns blue to pink
  13. Mandatory experiment
    Show that water evaporates from the surface of a leaf by transpiration.
  14. Asexual reproduction
    • Does not involve gametes
    • Only one parent
  15. Sexual reproduction
    involves gametes (pollen and eggs)
  16. What parts of a flower are in the Carpel
    • Stigma
    • Style
    • Ovary
    • Egg cell- makes female gamete
  17. What part
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