EnP 2018 Set 4 - HLURB Notes

  1. The Urban Development and Housing Act
    RA 7279
  2. Housing body in charge of planning and technical assistance
  3. Housing body  that has responsibility to augment and enhance local government capabilities
  4. Housing body in charge of guarantee schemes to encourage financial institutions
    HIGC - Home Insurance and Guaranty Corporation
  5. Housing body in charge of comprehensive plans for urban and urbanizable areas
  6. Housing body in charge of Community Mortgage Program
    NHMFC - National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation
  7. Revised rules and standards for economic and socialized housing projects.
    BP 220
  8. Scope of application of BP 220
    Socialized Housing and Economic Housing
  9. House and lot package at P300,000 and below
    Socialized Housing
  10. Low cost housing at P300T to P1.25M
    Economic Housing
  11. Parks and playgrounds are mandatory for what size of socialized and economic housing
    1 hectare and above
  12. For socialized and economic housing, n no case shall an area for parks and playgrounds be less than
    100 square meters.
  13. Water Tank Capacity
    20% ADD plus fire reserve
  14. Minimum asphalt and concrete thickness for Major, minor roads and motor courts
    50mm asphalt, 150mm concrete
  15. Maximum block length BP 220
  16. In BP 220 what is required for blocks exceeding 250m
    provide 2-m path walk or alley
  17. Mandatory provision of multi-purpose center in BP 220
    for 1ha and above
  18. Lot Area Single Detached O/M/E/S
    120/100/72/ 64
  19. Lot Area Attached / Duplex O/M/E/S
    96 / 80 / 54 / 48
  20. Floor Area O/M/E/S
    42 / 32 /22 / 18
  21. Maximum units per block for Row house (BP 220 / PD 957)
  22. Maximum length of block for Row house (BP 220 /PD 957)
  23. Frontage Single Detached Corner OM/ES
  24. Frontage Single Detached Regular Lot OM/ES
  25. Frontage Row House OM/E/S
  26. Minimum setback rowhouse Rear
  27. Socialized and economic housing water requirement per capita per day
    150 liters/capita/day
  28. Potable and adequate ground reservoir ___ meters from source of pollution/contaminants
  29. For rowhouse firewall at least
  30. multi family dwelling  NON-RESIDENTIAL USE floor area authorized for non-residential use shall not exceed ____ % of total residential area
  31. Minimum floor area for condominiums
  32. Provision of elevator mandatory for projects ___ storeys and above
  33. Off-site parking for condominiums 
    Designated area is part of the project and shall not be ____ mtrs away from condominium project
    Designated area is part of the project and shall not be 100 mtrs away from condominium project
  34. Revised Rules and Regulations implementing subdivision and condominium buyers protective degree
    PD 957
  35. Selling price condominium Low-cost
    P1.25M to P2M
  36. Selling price Medium-Cost condominium
    P2M to P4M
  37. Selling price Open Market condominium
    Above P4M
  38. How much land should be saleable and non saleable for subdivisions
    70% saleable 30% non-saleable
  39. Minimum lot area single detached units Open Market
  40. Minimum lot area single detached units Medium-cost
  41. Required for residential condominium projects with gross saleable area of - 1000sqm  of projects with 10 or more units
    Parks / Playground
  42. Minimum area for parks/playground in residential condominium
    50sqm. Increments of 3sqm for every additional unit in excess of 10 units.
  43. Minimum roads or ROW for access roads
    8mtrs. (6mtrs carriageway and 2mtrs sidewalk/planting strip)
  44. Pathwalks minimum width
  45. Play ground not required if project is not more than _____ mtrs from a publicly accessible park / playground.
  46. The Condominium Act
    RA 4726
  47. Is an interest in real property consisting of a separate interest in a unit in a residential, industrial or commercial building and an undivided interest in common directly or indirectly, in the land on which it is located and in other common areas of the building
  48. Presidential decree defining Open Space in Residential Subdivision
    PD 1216 August 26, 1982
  49. High density or social housing
    66-100 family lots per gross hectare
  50. Medium density or economic housing
    21-65 family lot per gross hectare
  51. Low  density or open market housing
    20 and below
  52. Required open space for high density or social housing (66-100 family lots per gross hectare)
  53. Required open space for medium density or economic housing
  54. Required open space for low density or open market housing
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