Theatre final 1

  1. Westside story introduced a new type of dance. Who was the choreographer? What is the dance called?
    - Jerome Robbins, representational dance (action and movement that tells a story) p
  2. Paula Vogel won a Pulitzer Prize for which play? What was the subject matter? What was Paula's first play on Broadway? What was it about it?
    • - Pulitzer Prizer - "How I Learned to Drive"
    • was about incest and pedophilia.
    • First play on Broadway - Indecent - was about two lesbians kissing on stage
  3. Explain NOH theatre. When did it start? What are its elements? What is the audience experience?
    • -Originated in the 14th century. 
    • - The audience - acceptable for the audience to nap 
    • - Elements - Known for "The art of walking", mask on face, traditional, ritual, code
  4. What are the differences between the two types of Asian Puppets Theatre we explored? List at least three elements/differences of and between Bunraku and Wayang
    • Differences
    • Wayang- Dramatic story is told through shadows thrown by puppets and sometimes combined with human characters
    • Bunraku- The heads and hands of traditional puppets are carved by specialists
    • Elements 
    • Bunraku
    • puppets are 2/3 human size
    • - have 3 puppeteers 
    • - created in the 15th century 
    • Wayang
    • promainate in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia 
    • - shadow puppetry 
    • - accompanied by music and sound effect
  5. What did August Wilson accomplish that no other American playwright has ever done?
    • Created 10 plays for each year a century.
    • - ex fences
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