Cold War: Containment

  1. Korea containment
    • can be seen as success: communism kept north of 38th parallel
    • roll-back failed
    • impact on us foreign policy (nsc-68, militarization, globalization of CW)
    • great costs of containment (economic, human, impact on future)
  2. japan containment
  3. us occupation of japan
    • in 1945
    • initial aim - weak and pacifist Japan
    • demilitarization, trial for war criminals, devising constitution
  4. japan - constitution
    • bill of rights - clause 'renouncing war forever'
    • rights of individual
    • fully democratic society
    • emperor's role reduced to focus of people's unity
    • laws favourable to trade unions
    • breaking up of powerful elite Japanese families (zaibatsu)
  5. shift of cw to asia - japan
    • need for strong, non-communist ally
    • communism should be wiped out
    • military and economic capability of resisting communist threats
  6. after cw shifts - japan
    • trade unions banned from striking
    • restrictions on communists
    • zaibatsu allowed to continue
    • red purge in government and unions
    • japan established self-defence force
    • american-japanese security treaty (1951): retention of american bases in japan, japan couldn't grant anyone military bases without consent
  7. success in japan
    • development of economy
    • conservative government
    • not certain whether due to us efforts
    • japanese government resisted demands from us for military force and regional defence alliance
  8. taiwan
  9. us policy taiwan after korean war
    • changed after korean war
    • before no aim to help nationalists in communist china
    • seventh fleet retreat (1953)
    • us recognized taiwan as only official chinese state
    • economic and military aid
  10. seventh fleet retreat
    • eisenhower withdrew in 1953
    • jiang jieshi (taiwan nationalist leader) unleashed
    • raiding of coast of China
    • Chinese bombed Quemoy and Matsu, invaded Tachen Islands
  11. Formosa Resolution
    • passed by congress
    • Eisenhower can take whatever military action he thinks necessary
    • threat of nuclear weapons to China - massive retaliation and brinkmanship policies
    • USSR pressure on China
    • Chinese bombed Quemoy and Matsu in 1958 again - Seventh Fleet into Taiwan Strait, threat of nuclear weapons
    • Taiwan retained independence
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