Network+ Chapter 11

  1. One error occurred during the transmission of 8 bits. What is the BER?

    B. .125
  2. What device, traditionally used by telephone technicians, enables you to tap into a phone line to, for example, check a line for dial tone?

    B. Butt set
  3. Which piece of test equipment can you use to test the throughput of a Cat 5 cable?

    D. OTDR
  4. What is a best practice to prevent you from damaging a circuit board with static from your body?

    A. Wear an ESD wrist strap.
  5. A toner probe is also known as what?

    A. Fox and hound
  6. What piece of test equipment enables you to locate a break in a fiber-optic cable?

    C. OTDR
  7. SNMP uses a series of objects to collect information about a managed device. The structure, similar to a database, containing these objects is referred to as what?

    D. MIB
  8. A notification that a specific operation failed to complete successfully is classified as what syslog severity level?

    D. Warnings (4)
  9. Identify the broad categories of SNMP message types. (Choose three.)

    • C. Get
    • c. Set
    • d. Trap
  10. What Microsoft Windows application enables you to view a variety of log types, including application, security, and system logs?

    B. Event Viewer
  11. What do you use if you want to determine the category of a cable or the frequency range?
    Cable certifier
  12. What is a cable tester used for?
    Test the conductors in an Ethernet cable
  13. This device is used to attach a connector to a UTP cable.
  14. What can a technician use to see what protocol are running on a network?
    Protocol analyzer (network sniffer)
  15. What is CISCO's strategy for asset management?
    PPDIOO (Prepare, plan, design, Implement, operated, optimize)
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Network+ Chapter 11
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