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  1. Convergent Parallel Design
    when quantitative and qualitative methods are implemented at the same time; the findings are integrated and interpreted together
  2. Embedded Design
    when the primary method is quantitative or qualitative, but the researcher adds the other component to gain additional insight
  3. Exploratory Sequential Design
    the qualitative method is implemented first followed by the quantitative method
  4. Explanatory Sequential Design
    the quantitative method is implemented first, followed by the qualitative method
  5. Meta Analysis
    quantitative analysis of findings from multiple studies
  6. Multiphase Design
    involves a series of quantitative and qualitative designs; each design findings inform the next phase
  7. Paradigm Wars
    the intense debate from the 1970s to the 1990s between social scientists over the value of positivist + interpretivist/constructivist research philosophies
  8. Pragmatism
    emphasized importance of taking action and learning from the outcomes to generate knowledge
  9. Triangualation
    the use of multiple methods to study one research question; the use of two or more different measures of the same variable
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