1. 1. Which physical property causes charges to move along a conductor?

    D) Electric potential difference
  2. 2. Bernoulli's law is an expression of

    C) conservation of total energy
  3. 3. An object attached to a horizontal spring undergoes simple harmonic motion. If it passes through the equilibrium position at a speed of v, the amplitude of motion is:

    A) A= (m/k)^1/2 v
  4. 4. Light passes from a vacuum into glass at a planar interface. The index of refraction for the glass is 1.5. The angle of refraction is:

    B) less than the angle of incidence
  5. 5. A person is moving toward a stationary wall with speed v while emitting a sound of frequency, f. . The frequency of the echo off the wall that the person hears is:

    C) f.(1+ v/c)/(1- v/c)
  6. 6. Which of the following pairs of vectors cannot point in the same direction during simple harmonic motion?

    D) Acceleration and displacement
  7. 7. The figure shows a cylindrical tube of changing diameter with an ideal dynamic fluid (blue) flowing toward the right with speed v. The vertical columns are connected to the main tube. Which of the five choices shows the proper elevations of the fluid in each of the three vertical columns?

    B) A.
  8. 8. A lens forms an image that is larger than the object. Which of the following statements is true.

    B) The image is farther from the lens than the object
  9. 9. If an electron is released from rest in a uniform electric field, which of the following statements is true.

    A) Its electric potential energy decreases
  10. 10. Two point charges attract each other with an electric force of magnitude F. If we double one of the charges, the magnitude of the force between the point charges becomes

    B) 2F
  11. 11. The figure shows two capacitors that are rotated 90° to each other. In what direction does the electric field point at position P at the center of the arrangement?

    D) In another direction
  12. 12. Ultrasound cannot be heard by humans because:

    C) its frequency is too high
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