1. Where do you usually find adjectives?
    After the noun
  2. Where do you find adjectives of quantity?
    Before the noun
  3. What are the two basic forms of adjectives?
    • Ends with _o (M)
    • Ends with _a (F)
  4. Adjectives ending in _e or a consanant...
    Have no gender
  5. Adjectives of nationality ending in a consanant...
    Are masculine
  6. How do you make an adjective of nationality ending with a consanant feminine?
    Add an _a
  7. Adjectives ending in _ista
    Have no gender
  8. Skinny young man
    Muchacho delgado
  9. There are two old books
    Hay dos libros viejos
  10. The red pen
    El boligrafo rojo
  11. The black seat
    La silla negra
  12. The nice young men
    Los chicos simpáticos
  13. The nice young women
    Las chicas simpaticas
  14. The Mexican professor (M)
    El profesor mexicano
  15. The Mexican professor (F)
    La profesora mexicana
  16. The young man
    El muchacho joven
  17. The young girl
    La muchacha joven
  18. The interesting book
    El libro interesante
  19. The interesting class
    La clase interesante
  20. The Spanish professor (M)
    El profesor español
  21. The Spanish professor (F)
    La profesora española
  22. The French student (M)
    El alumno francés
  23. The French student (F)
    La alumna francesa
  24. The optimistic man
    El hombre optimista
  25. The optimistic woman
    La mujer optimista
  26. A pessimistic man
    Un hombre pesimista
  27. A pessimistic woman
    Una mujer pesimista
  28. The blue markers
    Los marcadores azules
  29. The seats are black
    Las sillas son negras
  30. The library is big
    La biblioteca es grande
  31. The student is North American (M)
    El alumno es norteamericano
  32. The classmates are handsome
    Los compañeros de clase son guapos
  33. The young woman is pretty
    La muchacha es bonita
  34. The Spanish is easy
    El español es fácil
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