Part 13 Flight Insturments

  1. How many DU’s can be displayed by any single DEU?
  2. What modes can be displayed on an ND?
  3. What condition causes the DU’s to go full bright?
    Smoke Elec/Air switch not in the normal position.
  4. What is the default page of the system display?
    Secondary engine page.
  5. Which system display page shows all the aircraft system faults?
    Status page. Misc Page.
  6. What color is FMS computed data displayed in?
  7. What information is supplied by the CADC?
    Airspeed and altitude.
  8. How is the standard barometric pressure set on the PFD?
    Pull out the Baro Set Knob.
  9. Can Baro and RA minimums be displayed at the same time?
    No. Must select one or the other.
  10. What is the maximum map range that can be displayed on the ND?
    640 miles.
  11. What is the maximum radar range that can be displayed on the ND?
    320 miles.
  12. How is the limit speed for configuration displayed?
    An amber ‘foot’ or red zipper is displayed on the PFD airspeed tape.
  13. When is NO TAXI displayed on the PFD airspeed tape?
    When one or more IRS’s are not aligned.
  14. How is FMS computed speed displayed on the PFD?
    A magenta circle on the airspeed tape.
  15. What will cause the precision altitude readout on the PFD to turn amber and flash?
    • The aircraft has descended below minimums or the altitude advisory alert is
    • activated.
  16. What is the indication that the aircraft has reached the selected minimum altitude?
    The indication turns amber, is boxed, and flashes.
  17. How do you reset the minimums alert when at or below minimums?
    Push the minimums knob on the GCP.
  18. How is a slip or skid displayed on the PFD?
    The bottom of the roll pointer indicates a slip or a skid.
  19. What is the indication when an excessive localizer deviation occurs during a dual or
    single land below 1500 feet?
    The deviation pointer turns amber and begins to flash.
  20. When are localizer and glidescope scales displayed on the PFD?
    Only when an ILS frequency and course is tuned.
  21. When is radio altitude displayed on the PFD?
    When below 2500 feet.
  22. When does the box rising runway begin to rise on the bottom of the PFD?
    At 500 feet agl.
  23. When does the 45 degree tick appear on the PFD bank limit display?
    When the bank angle exceeds 30 degrees.
  24. What does the difference between the PLI and the airplane symbol represent?
    The angle of attack margin remaining to stickshaker.
  25. When will the flight director roll and pitch bars pop up if flight director was off appear
    on the PFD while inflight?
    When go-around is selected or when windshear is detected.
  26. When do the flight director roll and pitch bars first appear on the PFD?
    • The roll bar appears after the IRU’s are aligned and the pitch bar appears after V2 is
    • entered.
  27. How is a failure of the aircraft’s ILS receiver displayed?
    A red X is displayed.
  28. How isa loss of ILS signal displayed?
    Cyan or amber “No glideslope or no localizer”.
  29. Where is the selected map range shown on the ND?
    At the bottom of the “half-range” ring.
  30. What condition will cause a “RANGE DISAGREE” message to appear?
    When only one FMC is available and the pilots have different ranges selected.
  31. What is the symbology for a tuned VOR on the ND map display?
    A VOR symbol is displayed with a magenta circle around it.
  32. How is a fix identified on the ND map display when entered on the Fix page?
    The fix is displayed as a green circle with a cyan triangle inside.
  33. When is the white dotted heading line removed from the ND?
    • When in the FMS nav mode or when the airplane has captured the selected
    • heading.
  34. Where is the next waypoint, distance to go, and time to go displayed?
    The top right portion of the ND.
  35. How can a full compass rose be displayed on the ND?
    Push the VOR or APPR button on the ECP.
  36. When is the ICAO identifier for the ILS displayed on the ND?
    When the FMS has decoded the Morse Code identifier.
  37. How is a selected alternate IRS source indicated on the ND?
    Annunciated in the upper right corner of the ND.
  38. How is an IRU failure displayed?
    Level 2 alert ATT, HDG, VS failure indicators on respected PFD.
  39. How is a DEU failure displayed?
    Large Red “X” in the display units.
  40. What display unit has the highest priority in the event of DU failures?
    Primary Flight Display.
  41. Which air data sensor heaters operate in flight only?
    Total air temperature.
  42. When does the elapsed flight time clock start and stop?
    When ground to air transition occurs.
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