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  1. What are the normal power sources for the IRU's?
    • IRU #1 - Left emergency AC
    • IRU #2 - Right emergency AC
    • AUX - AC bus 1
  2. What is the alternate power source for the IRU's?
    The individual IRU batteries.
  3. What does a STEADY NAV OFF light indicate?
    • A. System in align mode
    • B. System is off
    • C. System has a fault
  4. What does a flashing NAV Off light indicate?
    • A. Aircraft position not initialized within 10 minutes of turning IRU switches to NAV.
    • B. Initialized position out of limits from previous shutdown position.
    • C. Aircraft moved prior to alignment completion.
  5. How long does IRU alignment take?
    10 minutes.
  6. When should the present position be entered in order to initialize the IRU'S?
    During the 10-minute alignment cycle.
  7. How long will the IRU batteries last?
    15 minutes.
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