Part 1 MD-11 Warning Systems

  1. What are the characteristics of the different alert messages?
    • Level 0 - (cyan) General status indication
    • Level 1 - (Amber) Requires crew awareness
    • Level 2 - (boxed Amber) Requires immediate crew awareness and subsequent crew action.
    • Level 3 - ( Boxed red) requires immediate crew awareness and immediate crew action.
  2. What are consequences messages?
    Provide information regarding the effects of the failure and/or required crew action.
  3. What does a flashing reminder message on the EAD indicate?
    There is an alert in the respective system.
  4. What level alert generates a tritone?
    Level three.
  5. What do the master warning lights indicate?
    A level 3 alert has appeared on the EAD.
  6. What do the master caution lights indicate?
    A level 1 or 2 alert has appeared on the EAD.
  7. How are multiple alerts arranged on the EAD?
    Arranged in order of the highest priority in the lower 1/3 of the EAD.
  8. What occurs when an illuminated cue switch is pushed?
    The associated system synoptic page will appear and any Associated Master caution or Master warning light will be reset.
  9. Which level of alert messages will not clear from the alert list?
    Level three alerts cannot be cleared from the alert list.
  10. When are Level 3 alerts and Associated Master warning lights inhibited?
    During takeoff from v1 to 400ft. Not longer than 25 seconds in air.
  11. When is the level 2 alert "TIRE FAIL" inhibited? Level 1 and 2 alerts.
    During takeoff from V1 -20 kts to 400 ft the master caution lights are inhibited.( TIRE FAIL aural alert is not inhibited.)

    During Landing from 1000 ft to 80 knots.

    • Level 1 and 2
    • Throttle advance, 80 kts or v1 -20 to 400ra in air 25 seconds, 1000 baro or in air 120 seconds.

    • 1000 baro to 80 kts not longer than 120 seconds,
    • 100ra, to 80kts not longer than 25 seconds.
  12. What occurs when the throttles are advance for takeoff and the stabilizer trim is not set in the green band?
    The essential items checklist display will turn red and the take off warning will sound.
  13. What are the items on the takeoff essential items checklist on the EAD?
    • A. Stabilizer
    • B. Flaps
    • C. Slats
    • D. Parking brake
    • E. Spoilers
  14. What are the items on the landing essential items checklist?
    • A. Landing gear
    • B. Flaps
    • C. Spoilers
  15. What aircraft system warnings does the Central aural warning system provide?
    • Tire failure
    • Engine failure
    • Altitude
    • Windshear
    • Cabin altitude
    • Overspeed or slat overspeed
    • AutopilotĀ 
    • Stabilizer in motion
    • SelcalĀ 
    • Cockpit timer
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