1. Men's hair on the back of the neck must not touch the collar.  The bulk of hair must not be more than _____ inches from scalp.
  2. Men's hair will be no longer than _ inches and may not touch the ears, collar, extend below eyebrows when headgear is removed.
  3. Men's sideburns will not extend below a point level with the:
    bottom of the ear opening.
  4. Women: One earring per ear centered on the earlobe for women.  Earrings will be _____  ball studs (approx. 1/8 – 1/4
    inch), natural white pearl (colored pearls are not authorized), white diamond, plain gold or silver with a shiny or brushed matte finish settings.  Decorative or combination settings not authorized.
  5. Up to __ days of TLA and must not exceed __ days prior to your order departure date.

  6. What is the age requirement for a CG Academy slot?
    17 years and must not have reached the age of 22 on 1 July of the year of proposed admission.
  7. Applicant minimum eligibility requirements for appointment to Warrant must be completed by?
    The Eligibility Determination Date (EDD) is 1 January of the calendar year in which the warrant officer Appointment Board convenes.
  8. CG SELRES personnel are generally authorized on how many active duty paid training days per year?
  9. CG cutters 180' and above are appointed to whom?
  10. CG cutters 180' or less are appointed to whom?
  11. What are the requirements to be eligible for CG education Foundation Grants?
  12. How does an ESO request a "C" school
  13. What is a sign of stress?
  14. It is recommended to help reduce stress you must do what?
  15. What do you not do to a person that is talking to you about suicide?
  16. If a person is in IMMEDIATE danger of suicide you must do what?
  17. Anytime a member is involved in an alcohol incident what must happen?
  18. What do you do for a 1st time alcohol incident?
  19. What do you do for a 2nd time alcohol incident?
  20. Who is authorized to perform a search and seizure of property?
  21. Title 14, USC, section 89 gives CG what?
    Law Enforcement authority
  22. EMI is not to be used how?
  23. How often must you receive Human Relations training?
  24. What are three hazard identifications for ORM?
  25. What is not a type of 3307 entry
  26. When are a special set of marks required?
  27. How long does a supervisor have to counsel a member on their marks?
  28. Who did they name Coastal Buoy Tenders after?
  29. What was the role of the CG during the Mexican-American war?
  30. Bullets are due mid marking and when
  31. When two members are E6 who can be the Marking Official?
  32. What were the keepers of light houses referred as?
  33. What are the 3 qualities of leadership?
  34. In aviation, what do you need a confined space entry approval for?
  36. What are the ORM steps?
    1 Identify Mission Tasks

    2 Identify Hazards

    3 Assess Risks

    4 Identify Options

    5 Evaluate Risk Versus Gain

    6 Execute Decision

    7 Monitor Situation
  37. In the ORM process what does PEACE stand for?

    Event Complexity

    Asset Selection


  38. In the ORM process 4th step Identify Options what does STAAR stand for?
    Spread out




  39. The Coast Guard's Leadership Development Program provides ____________________.
    a framework that helps every member of Team Coast Guard achieve his or her full potential and maximize mission performance.
  40. The Coast Guard's Leadership Development Program Vision (Desired End State) is what?
    A fully integrated Leadership Development Program encompassing the entire Coast Guard work force throughout their time in service.
  41. Leadership:
    The ability to work through others to accomplish a task.
  42. Effective Leader:
    A leader whose followers are committed to achieve the end result by having the right tools, information, and working environment.
  43. Leadership Development:
    The system by which an organization grows its work force into leaders.
  44. The Coast Guard's Leadership Development Program basic principles are:
    Fully integrated

    Based on competencies and expectations of performance

  45. What does LDP stand for?
    Leadership Development Program
  46. Expectations of performance are developed using:
    Needs assessments
  47. What are the 21 Coast Guard Leadership Competencies?
    Accountability and Responsibility

    Aligning Values


    Health and Well-Being

    Personal Conduct

    Self Awareness and Learning

    Technical Proficiency

    Influencing Others

    Respect for Others and Diversity Management

    Looking out for Others

    Effective Communication

    Group Dynamics

    Leadership Theory


    Vision Development and Implementation

    Customer Focus

    • Decision-Making and
    • Problem-Solving

    Conflict Management

    Performance Appraisal

    Management and Process Improvement

    Workforce Management Systems
  48. Reenlistments in the Coast Guard later than 24 hours after discharge must be processed at a _____________________.
    a Coast Guard recruiting office
  49. Members reenlisting within three months of their discharge date will be reenlisted in the ___________________________.
    rate held on the date of discharge
  50. For an active duty reenlistment within 24 hours after discharge, a ______________ is not required prior to reenlistment.
    physical examination
  51. Have no more than ____ unsatisfactory conduct mark(s) during the current period of enlistment.
  52. What two unsatisfactory conduct marks will render an enlisted member from reenlisting?
    DUI or a documented sexual assault as the perpetrator.
  53. T/F A special or general courts-martial conviction(s) during the current period of enlistment will bar reenlistment?
  54. T/F Have had their most recent government travel charge card (GTCC) closed for misuse or delinquency during the current period of enlistment bar reenlistment.
  55. How many weight probationary periods during the current period of enlistment will cause a member to be unable to reenlist? If a member reenlists while on weight probation that probationary period shall be recorded as the first probationary period of the new period of enlistment.
  56. Members who do not meet the eligibility criteria, but are recommended for reenlistment/extension by their commanding officer, may submit an appeal via memorandum, to Commander, _________ via the chain of command.
    (CG PSC-EPM-1) or (CG PSC-RPM-1),
  57. SWE for E5-E9 are held when?
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  58. What are the deadlines to get your eligibility requirements in for the servicewide?
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  59. What are the advancement terminal eligibility dates?
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