cardio pathology

  1. Ischemic Heart Disease?
    Imbalance between demand of O2 and supply
  2. Coronary arteries...when do they fill?
    diastole.. so in tachycardia reduced filling time of coronary arteries making it susceptible for ischemia.
  3. LAD... where does it supply?
    • 1. anterior portion of LV
    • 2. Anterior 2/3rd of IVS
    • 3. Apex
  4. RCA... Where does it supply?
    • 1. Posterior LV
    • 2. Posterior 1/3rd IVS
    • 3. Right Ventricle
    • 4. Posteromedial papillary muscles
    • 5. SA/AV nodes
  5. Left Circumflex... Supply?
    Lateral wall of Left Ventricle
  6. IHD...Angina pectorisjQuery1124026496961313132417_1522682019175? risk factor for angina?
    • Most common cause of death in US
    • most common coronary artery disease.... Age is the most important risk factor. Males more commonly affected.
  7. Commonest type of Angina?
    Chronic (stable) Angina
  8. Causes of stable angina?
    • Atherosclerotic Coronary artery¬† disease
    • AV stenosis
    • HTN with concentric LVH
    • cocaine induced vasoconstriction
    • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  9. Pathogenesis of Stable angina?
    Subendocardial ischemia due to decreased coronary arterial blood flow or concentric hypertrophy.
  10. C/Fs of Stable angina?
    • Exercise induced chest pain duration<20mins
    • releived by rest or nitroglycerin
  11. Unstable Angina?
    • Angina at rest
    • may be due to disrupted plaques causing >70% blockade
  12. Prinzmetal angina?
    • Vasospasm leading to transmural ischemia
    • St segment elevation
  13. treatment of angina?
    • Non pharmacologic
    • Wt loss, smoking cessation, low cholesterol diet, exercise
    • {Pharmacologic
    • Nitrates
    • Beta blockers
    • calcium channel blockers
    • Aspirin
    • Clopidogrel
    • Ranolazine
  14. Sudden Cardiac Death?
    Unexpected death due to cardiac cause within 1 hour after symptoms..... IHD is the most important risk factor but ventricular arrhythmia is the commonest cause of death
  15. SCD in children?
    Most common cause: AV stenosis
  16. drug associated with AMI?
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