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  1. Who was Cristopher Marlowe? What is he credited with inventing? What is his most famous play? How did he die?
    • He was Shakspeares Contemporist. He invented the Iambic Pentameter. His most famous play is Doctor Faustus.  
    • He died by getting into a fight with a friend and was stabbed in the head above his eye.
  2. What are the three unities derived from Aristotle's poetics?
    • 1. Unity of time: One day - in real time 
    • 2. Unity of Place: One place
    • 3. Unity of action: One plot - no subplot
  3. What purpose does a Greek Chorus serve?
    The Greek chorus represents the common person as a whole to what is happening to the hero
  4. Name the three major greeks playwrights in the order they were writing. Name one play from each. What did they add to the form of Greek Drama?
    • 1. Aeschylus-
    • - play: Orestia  
    • - What they added: 2nd actor 
    • 2. Sophocles 
    • - play: Oedipus
    • - What they added: 3rd actor
    • 3. Euripides 
    • - play: Medea  
    • - What they added: Mix genre
  5. Explain how Greek theatre evolved?
    Evolved from the Diohises festival. In these festivals, everyone couldn't dance so they created the chorus, which then created the audience. Here is when Thespis steps out as the 1st actor and where the theatre was born.
  6. Explain the Greek meaning of Catharsis. How is Catharsis used today? Define Hubris and Hamartia. How are they used in Greek Tragedy
    • A form of control to evoke pity and fear. 
    • How is it used today- not used to control the audience anymore, just for them to have a good experience. 
    • Hubris  - excessive pride 
    • Hamartia- a bad decsion 

    How are they used? - to let the audience see what has happened to a character
  7. Explain the elements of Iambic Pentameter and its purpose. Use the following linea needed from Julius Caesar
    • 10 syllable heartbeat rhythm that forms a verse with 5 feet 
    • Purpose- service to the actor
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