Ch 26

  1. president of 1928
    Herbert Hoover
  2. risky investments for the chance of making a quick profit
  3. what day did the stock market crash
    • "Black Tuesday"
    • October 29, 1929
  4. awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1930
    Sinclair Lewis
  5. who wrote The Grapes of Wrath
    John Steinbeck
  6. highest tariff in the nation's peacetime history
    Hawley-Smoot Tariff
  7. what amendment ended the "lame duck" sessions of Congress
    20th Amendment
  8. Roosevelt's advisers nickname
    "Brain Trust"
  9. name of FDR's program for economic recovery
    "New Deal"
  10. first woman to be appointed a Cabinet position
    Frances Perkins
  11. act that established a government fund for unemployment and old-age insurance
    Social Security Act
  12. who organized and was president of the first CIO
    John L. Lewis
  13. FDR's policy of friendship for Latin America
    Good Neighbor Policy
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