outdoor burning and burning guidelines

  1. The following conditions shall be used to determine when outdoor burning will be limited or banned
    • Temp 95 F or above
    • Relative Humidity reaches 30% or below
    • Wind speed reaches 15 mph or above
    • or
    • When weather conditions remain dry, hot,or windy, or any combination of these Fire Marshal may impose either a limited or total ban on outdoor burning
  2. Actions for Non-Permitted or Unsafe Fires.
    1.On scene
    2.Upon return to quarters
    3.Upon receipt of the Open Burning Violation Referral FMO will
    • record information on the Open Burning Violation Log Sheet (Form 300.53)
    • complete the Open Burning Violation Referral (Form 300.51) and e-mail to 'FMO Company Referrals' and email to DEQ
    • track the referral in their system
  3. Fires NOT addressed by the DEQ are
    • Barbecue equipment
    • Fires permitted by any public agency, when set or permitted in the performance of official duty.
    • Fires used for firefighting instruction
    • Recreational 
    • Ceremonial
  4. Procedures to
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outdoor burning and burning guidelines
outdoor burning & burning guidelines