outdoor burning

  1. For specific backyard burning regulations outside the City of Portland, you request information from
  2. Types of Outdoor burning guidelines within the city that are legal.
    • Cooking with standard barbecue equipment
    • Ceremonial fires
    • Recreational fires
  3. ceremonial fire- what do you need
    • permit from fire marshal
    • authorization from the property owner, needs to be signed, dated, and presented when applying for permit
  4. Recreational fire- define
    • clean, dry, cord type firewood.
    • build in a pit or pan
    • fire must not be larger than 3 feet diameter and pile less than 2 feet height.
  5. 1.general rules that apply to legal, recreational fires.
    no closer than____ from a structure
    fires contained in a fireplace-type receptacles shall be no closer than____
    When required by the fire marshal, outdoor burning device tacks shall be equipped with_____ 
    2. Cease burning if wind picks up to ____
    3. Smoke must not be ______ or _____
    • 25 feet¬†
    • 15 feet from structure
    • s[arl-arresting,12gauge wire not less than 3/8 nor more than 1/2
    • 15 mph
    • noxious quality or amounts.
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