BUS 301

  1. Sequence of tasks of activities that take a set up inputs and convert them into desired outputs
    Business Process
  2. 3 Key Processes
    • Procurement
    • Fulfillment
    • Production
  3. When the organization acquires the basic materials that is uses to produce goods
    Procurement Process
  4. Computer-based systems that capture, store, and retrieve data associated with the process activities
    Information Systems
  5. Three levels of enterprise systems
    • Client
    • Application
    • Data Management
  6. Three layers of the client-server architecture
    • Presentation
    • Application
    • Data
  7. Three stages of evolution
    • 1. Stand Alone mainframe
    • 2. Client-Server architecture
    • 3.Service-Oriented architecture (SOA)
  8. Defines the organizational structure of the enterprise
    -Data rarely changes
    -Included definitions of companies, divisions, sales organizations, purchasing organizations, physical facilities
    Organizational Data
  9. Defines key entities in an organization
    -Data changes occasionally
    -Customers:basic info,financial info
    Products: basis description, purchasing data, sales data, manufacturing data
    Employees: basic data, payroll, tax data
    Master Data
  10. Data that is the consequence of day to day transaction
    -Answers the Who, what, where, when, how, & how much of Sales, Purchase, Production
    Transaction Data
  11. Enterprise Systems plays a vital role in these three areas
    • 1. execute the process
    • 2. capture and store process data
    • 3. monitor process performance
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