Lecture 6

  1. what are fleeson's (2001) set of proposals?
    • the average individual routinely and regularly expresses all levels of all traits 
    • the mean of the distribution is one of the most predictable variables in psychology 
    • parameters beyond the mean are also meaningful aspects of personality
  2. what are the density distribution parameters?
    • location (central tendency)
    • size (SD)
    • Shape (Skew/Kurtosis)
  3. location (DDP)
    level of behaviour
  4. size (DDP)
    spread of dispersion of behaviour
  5. shape (DDP)
    • frequency and direction of extreme behaviour 
    • skew: lack of symmetry in the distribution
    • kurtosis: peakedness of the distribution
  6. what are the 5 empirical outcomes that would support the idea that we should shift our focus from location (mean level) to the entire density distribution
    • within-person variation would be present
    • single states would not be stable (predictable)
    • the mean of the distribution would be very stable
    • at least one other parameter of the distribution owuld be stable (ex:// SD, skewness, kurtosis)
    • within-person variation would be meaningful (predictable), rather than simply error
  7. whole trait theory
    • descriptive
    • explanatory
    • explanatory + descriptive
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