1L Torts Law

  1. Define Tort
    A civil wrong, which does not arise from a contract, for which the law provides a remedy.

    Byproduct of states; thus 50 different state tort systems
  2. Three principles to pathway for recovery of tort liability are:
    a) Intentional Torts

    b) Negligence—Conduct creates an unreasonable risk of causing harm

    c) Strict Liability—Conduct neither intentional nor negligent but subjected to SL b/c of public policy
  3. Damages in tort law are the following:
    a) Nominal damages-- recognize the plaintiff had a legal right violated

    b) Compensatory (actual) damages-- goal of making the plaintiff whole (i.e. lost wages, medical expenses)

    c) Punitive damages-- soley to punish the defendant
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1L Torts Law
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