Politics, Race, and Cinema set 1

  1. What is Critical Race Theory
    • - The relationship between race, racism and power.
    • - Builds on earlier theories/ movements from critical legal studies and racial feminism.
  2. Basic Tenants of CRT
    • 1. Race is ordinary, not aberrational
    • - Macroaggressions Become normalized

    2.The systems of white over- color serves a purpose to create a dominant group.

    3. Races are products of social thought and relations

    4. Differential racialization

    5.Inter-sectionality and anti-essentialism

    6. Unique voice of color
  3. What are two distinct stereotypes of blacks in the movie Judge Priest?
    - Comedy built on the falsehood of the lost clause. 

    • 1. The African American man is lazy, shiftless and steals, simple-minded and speaks in negro intelligence.  
    • 2.The African American women doesn’t have a husband but has many children and isn’t afraid to talk crazy to white men. Has all the wisdom but is still owned by the white man due to segregation
  4. Within our gates
    • within our gates was 
    • - The most popular form of cinema
    • - melodrawn
  5. Based on class notes, what was uplift and uplift cinema?
    • Uplift cinema (black’s reaction to how they’re been portrayed)
    • - Images from the post- civil war period Reveals: black don’t mind it, blacks from the south are in control
  6. uplift philosophy in Within our gates
    • Uplift Philosophy
    • Uplift = states that every member of envy the race is important

    • Goal – reclaiming the image of African American’s
    • - After 1817 – African American will be held in cast bondage and economic peonage
    • - After slavery African American wanted:
    • 1. To vote
    • 2. To own land/property
    • 3. Education
  7. 4 reasons to like the movie (pg 17)
    1. The movie does not have racist intent

    2. Reconstruction is portrayed correctly 

    3. Griffith only portrayed what he knew about African Americans

    4. His thoughts were considered conventional thoughts for the time
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Politics, Race, and Cinema set 1