1. Which is an unethical action with respect to the Architect's responsibility to his client?

    A) D. Guarantee any estimates or cost of the work

    B) A. Undertakes construction for a fixed contract sum under design-build service

    C) D. Guarantee any estimates or cost of the work

    D) C. Advises client to forego unviable project
    C) D. Guarantee any estimates or cost of the work
  2. Which among the following should the architect's fee NOT be based?

    D) A. Client’s profile directory
  3. NOT included in the Project Construction Cost

    C) Fees for the Architect
  4. If an Architect assumes the function of going to the project site for monitoring and supervision, what services is being provided

  5. If the Owner continuously order changes to the design, what methods of compensation should be used? 

  6. Doesn't represent work and doesn't involve duration and cost; it only serves as dependency connector or sequence indicator.

  7. Under Pre-Design Services, the cost of printing of extra set of drawings, reports, maps, contract documents, etc. over the ___ copies submitted to the Client, overseas and long distance calls, technical and laboratory tests, licenses, fees, taxes and similar cost items needed by the Project are chargeable to the Client.
  8. A.5
    • B.4 
    • C.6 
    • D.7
    • A
  9. Period for which claim for adjustment has to be asserted for changes in the work.  A.5 days B.10 days   C.15 days D.20 days
  10. In what type of services do making of brochures/leaflets/fliers/posters and promotional & advertisement campaign are included?
  11. A.Pre-Design Services
    • B.Regular Design Services 
    • C.Specialized Allied Services  
    • D.Comprehensive Architectural Services
    • A
  12. Who prepares schedule for submission of detail and shop drawings.
  13. A.Architect
    • B.Owner & Contractor 
    • C.Architect & contractor 
    • D.Owner & Architect
    • C
  14. Mr. Juan de la Cruz commissioned you for a restaurant project last year. Due to the success of the restaurant, he wants you to do a 2ndrestaurant using the same design. Based on the old 1979 SPP, what would be your fee?  A.60% of Basic Fee   B.80% of Basic Fee C.30% of Basic Fee D.40% of Basic Fee
  15. Who will be liable for seeking and soliciting architectural works by a non registered person?
  16. A.Both the represented and the representative
    • B.The employer and the employee 
    • C.All of the Above 
    • D.None of the above
    • C
  17. This method of compensation is frequently used where there is continuing relationship involving a series of projects. It establishes a fixed sum over and above the reimbursement for the Architect's technical time and overhead.  A.Lump Sum or Fixed Fee B.Multiple of Direct Personnel Expenses C.Professional Fee Plus Expenses D.Per Diem, Honorarium Plus Reimbursable Expenses
  18. If an Architect is hired to design a Supermarket with construction cost of less than P50M, how much should he/she charge as minimum basic fee based on the old 1979 SPP?
  19. A.6% of PCC
    • B.7% of PCC
    • C.8% of PCC 
    • D.15% of PCC
    • B
  20. An Architect is employed in a certain government agency. The head of the agency decided to commission the agency Architect to prepare the designs and documents for an office building intended to house the regional office of the said agency. The Architect receives an annual compensation of P450,000.00. If the professional fee for the Architect is pegged at 7% of the Project Construction Cost, how much should the Architect ask from the agency for additional compensation for the said project? The construction cost for the said regional office building is P50 million. 

  21. Is it possible for a person who earned a degree in Architecture to take up a Master's degree in Architecture even if he has yet to become a board passer?
  22. A.No, he/she must pass the board exam first.
    • B.Yes, a bachelor’s degree in Architecture is enough. 
    • C.Yes, only if he/she is an honor student. 
    • D.Maybe, depending on the admission requirements of the school.
    • B
  23. The PRC will not issue the Certificate of Registration to a successful examinee if he commits one of the following:  A.Sign his signature in a project that he didn’t design B.Unethical practice by competing with other architect C.Fraudulent act   D.Immoral act
  24. Instructions issued prior to bidding to supplement or modify previous contract docs.
  25. A.Special Provisions
    • B.Instruction to Bidders 
    • C.General Conditions 
    • D.Bid Documents
    • A
  26. A scientific study on the built environment's well-being, which allows the Architect to focus on the ways in which the building/structure can best maintain itself and prolong its life in a cost-efficient manner, and finally provide recommendations to the Owner/ Client.  A.Forensic Architecture B.Pre-design services C.Building Appraisal   D.Post-design services
  27. Who determines time and cost for the project?
  28. A.Project Manager
    • B.Construction Manager   
    • C.Owner 
    • D.Contractor
    • C
  29. Who is responsible for the soil investigation of the project?  A.Project Manager   B.Construction Manager C.Owner D.Contractor
  30. The Consulting Architect in this area of practice must have much more than the basic knowledge of Green Architecture and Environmental and/or Sustainable Design and sufficient knowledge of the governing environmental laws and environmental investigation processes/ procedures under international protocols, the Philippine Solid Waste, Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, DENR administrative issuances and the like.
  31. A.Building Environment Certification
    • B.Forensic Architecture 
    • C.Building Testing and Commissioning 
    • D.Special Building/Facility Planning and Design
    • A
  32. A person found preparing architectural plans without the necessary license is guilty of what?

    A.Nothing B.Misdemeanor C.Illegal practice D.Misrepresentation
  33. Which condition does not correctly satisfy an architectural partnership?
  34. A.All partners are registered architects.
    • B.Partners are registered architects and engineers 
    • C.A contractor and a lawyer 
    • D.An architect and a businessmaN
    • C
  35. The value of extra work must NOTbe calculated using this method.  A.By estimate in lump sum B.By unit prices not exceeding 25% of original work contract   C.By actual direct cost + 15% profit, overhead and tax D.By actual direct cost not exceeding 25% of original work
  36. The Consulting Architect in this area of practice provides the Owner/Client with means and measures to ensure the proper function and maintenance of the building/structure and site after final inspection.
  37. A.Facilities Maintenance and Support
    • B.Building Testing and Commissioning 
    • C.Forensic Architecture   
    • D.Building Environment Certification
    • A
  38. What do you call Working Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and General Conditions?  A.Construction Drawings B.Contract Documents C.Project Manual   D.Project Requirements
  39. What is the percentage of payment for construction management based on old 1979 SPP?  A.1-1.5% of PCC B.2-2.5% of PCC C.1.5-3% of PCC D.3-5% of PCC
  40. When a Client calls upon the Architect to give oral or written advice and direction, to attend conferences, to make evaluations and appraisals regarding a contemplated project and similar activities, the Architect renders valuable inputs whether or not the Client pursues the project. What Pre-Design Service is this?  

    C.Feasibility Study 
    D.Pre-feasibility study
  41. Most simple type of scheduling technique.  A.Line balance B.Bar chart C.PERT-CPM D.S-curve
  42. NOT classified under Group 2 – buildings of moderate complexity of plan/design.  A.Hotels B.Motels & Apartels C.Multi-storey Apartments D.Residential condominiums
  43. What is the difference between RA 545 and RA 9266 in terms of architectural practice?
  44. A.Two-years diversified experience
    • B.Structural conceptualization 
    • C.Corporate practice 
    • D.Authorship of documents
    • B
  45. If there are two architects on a certain project, the Architect-of-Record and the Architect-in-Charge of construction, the building collapses, who is more liable?  A.Architect-of-Record B.Architect-in-charge of Construction   C.Both will be liable D.It depends on the investigation
  46. For specialized allied services, what is the aesthetic designing of the space of a structure?
  47. A.Landscape Design Services
    • B.Architectural Interior Services 
    • C.Space Planning Services 
    • D.Architectural Programming Services
    • B
  48. Who gives the directive to start the project?
  49. A.Project Manager
    • B.Construction Manager 
    • C.Owner 
    • D.Contractor
    • C
  50. Who gives the directive to start the project?  A.Project Manager B.Construction Manager C.Owner D.Contractor
  51. In case of death of the Architect-on-Record, who can give official provisions to reproduce his/her plans?
    • A.Co-owner of the architectural company 
    • B.His/her family   
    • C.The courts 
    • D.Nobody
    • D
  52. The Client has already approved the designs of the typical house models for a subdivision project. The Architect continued with the preparation of the construction drawings. At this stage, the Client asked the Architect to prepare also scale models of the different house models to be used in selling the house and lot packages. How will the Architect charge for them?  

  53. A type of Pre-Design Service where the Architect prepares the detailed analysis of the site involving the identification of a site's development potentials through the proper utilization of land. The analysis covers the context of the site as well as that of the environment immediately outside and the development controls that apply to the site and its environs.  

  54. What offense is committed when an architect is found using the seal of another architect?  

    A.Nothing B.Misdemeanor C.Illegal practice D.Misrepresentation
  55. Stipulates the procedural and administrative aspects of the contract.  

    A.Owner-architect agreement   B.Owner-contractor agreement C.General Conditions D.Specifications
  56. The cost of the completed building to the Owner, including the structure, plumbing/sanitary and electrical fixtures, mechanical equipment, elevators, escalators, air-conditioning system, fire protection system, alarm and clock system, communications and electronic system, elements attached to the building and all items indicated in the plans, designs, drawings and specifications prepared by the Architect and his consultants.  

  57. Can the term "Architect" and "Architect-of-Record" be used interchangeably?  

  58. What type of service involves the detailed planning and design of light transmission, timing and control for compatibility with the architectural design concept?  

  59. Repairs and corrective work must be done by the contractor within how many days after written notice of owner.  

    A.5 days B.7 days C.10 days D.15 days
  60. Where does physical planning services fall? 

     A.Pre-Design Services 
    B.Regular Design Services 
    C.Specialized Allied Services 
    D.Design and Planning Services
  61. How many percent completion of work shall the Architect inspect and issue the Certificate of completion? 

  62. A type of Pre-Design Service that involves the procurement, analysis and use of secondary information gathered for the project to aid the Client in early decision-making. It represents the Architect's initial assessment of a project's soundness, allowing the Client to promptly explore available/ readily identifiable directions/ options. 

     A.Pre-feasibility study 
    B.Feasibility study 
    C.Architectural Programming   
    D.Space Management Studies
  63. How is the architect remunerated under Design-Build by maximum cost?  

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