ATS 7 Methodology, LOA's, TSRA

  1. What is the ATG training methodology?
    • ETAC
    • Educate
    • Train
    • Assess
    • Certify
  2. What does LOA stand for?
    Light Off Assessment
  3. What is the purpose of an LOA?
    To ensure the ship is capable of safely lighting off and operating its engineering plant
  4. When is an LOA conducted?
    Prior to going to sea when exiting a CNO Availability or any significant maintenance period (120 days or greater in length) or when the TYCOM deems it necessary.
  5. Who conducts an LOA
  6. What does EAP stand for?
    ATG Engineering Assessors Atlantic/Pacific
  7. Who may Augment EAP?
    ADCON ISIC or TYCOM staff
  8. What does TSRA stand for?
    Total Ship's Readiness Assessment
  9. What is the TSRA?
    Material assessment package coordinated by the regional maintenance center designed to improve maintenance availability planning and Current Ship’s Maintenance Project (CSMP) management, repair equipment, support systems light-off, and provide over-the-shoulder training to ship’s force maintenance personnel.
  10. How many TSRA's are there?
    • 5
    • TSRA 1
    • TSRA 2
    • TSRA 3
    • TSRA 4
    • TSRA 5
  11. What is TSRA 1?
    A ship wide Material Assessment designed to identify work items for inclusion in post-deployment maintenance availability
  12. What is TSRA 2?
    A post-deployment underway material assessment of selected HM&E and C5I systems designed to identify any degradation since TSRA 1
  13. What is TSRA 3?
    An assessment conducted during a CNO Availability. Assesses material condition of tanks and voids, structures and equipment required for contractor Sea Trials.
  14. What is TSRA 4?
    A 3-5 week material assessment of HM&E and C5I systems tailored to evaluate equipment required to support Tier 1 and 2 Basic Phase Training.
  15. What is TSRA 5?
    A notional 2 week assessment conducted at the end of Integrated Phase and 60-90 prior to deployment.
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ATS 7 Methodology, LOA's, TSRA
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