ATS 2 Training Blocks, Events, and Exercises

  1. How many Training Blocks are there? What are they?
    5, PTV, Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, Block 4
  2. What does PTV stand for?
    Preliminary Training Visit
  3. What happens during the PTV?
    Prepares the ship for the successful entry into the Basic Phase and normally occurs while the ship still in the Maintenance Phase. Education and Training Event.
  4. What happens during Training Block 1?
    Material assessment event: focuses on material readiness to ensure ship’s force has the required material knowledge and that equipment and systems are functioning to specification.
  5. What happens during Training Block 2?
    Theory and fundamentals training: events that will focus on operator and maintainer skills.
  6. What happens during Training Block 3?
    Individual and Team Training Event: Consists of Team Training scenarios and evolutions using embedded synthetic training systems or live services as applicable.
  7. What happens during Training Block 4?
    Assessment and qualification event: Requires demonstrating required knowledge level and proficiency within the given mission area through the completion of applicable Certification Events.
  8. What are the Monthly InPort Training Events Types?
    • COMMS
    • DataLink
    • EW
    • INT
    • GCCS
    • Visual
  9. How many Exercise Types are in the FRTP? What are they?
    3, Certification Events (CE), Advanced Exercises (AE), and Repetitive Exercises (RE)
  10. When are Certification Events (CE) completed?
    During the Basic Phase
  11. When are the Advanced Exercises (AE) Conducted?
    Post-Basic Phase completion
  12. When are the Repetitive Exercises (RE) Conducted?
    During Sustainment to maintain Mission Area proficiency.
  13. How many FRP Milestones are there? What are they
    2, Basic Phase Completion, and Deployment Certification
  14. Who grants Deployment Certification?
  15. What is an abbreviated Basic Phase?
    When a ship isn’t allotted enough time to complete a Basic Phase following CNO availability. A tailored training plan will be built based on the READ-E 3.
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ATS 2 Training Blocks, Events, and Exercises
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