1. What does FRTP stand for?
    Fleet Response Training Plan
  2. How long are the 5 phases of the fleet response training plan (FRTP)?
    The FRTP is notionally 27-months.
  3. How many phases are there of the Fleet Response Training Plan (FRTP)? What are they?
    5 - Maintenance, Shakedown, Basic, Intergraded/Advanced, Sustainment
  4. What is the Maintenance Phase?
    Establishes a material foundation that will support Basic Phase training, subsequent operations, and maintenance and modernization to meet the ship’s Expected Service Life (ESL). Start of a CNO availability period. Ships focus on individual watch team, and schoolhouse training to build the foundation for unit level readiness.
  5. What expires and resets at the Maintenance Phase?
    NAV Check and mission area Certification’s Expiration happens here and Mission Area Figure of Merit (FOM) re-sets!
  6. What is the Shakedown Phase?
    Verifies the ship’s material condition, supports Basic Phase Training, and ensures that all systems, including training systems, meet established material condition standards
  7. What is the Basic Phase?
    Train and certify a ship in all mission area’s and be able to perform operations as an individual unit. Which includes adherence to material standards, watch station and watch team training, unit level exercise at port and at sea.
  8. Who certifies that the ship has completed the Basic Phase?
  9. How does a ship complete the Basic Phase?
    All Mission Area Certifications must be achieved to exit this Phase! Waivers must include: Description of Circumstances Leading to Ships Ability to meet Specific Exit Criteria, Current Efforts to correct deficiencies, and Anticipated date criterion will be satisfied.
  10. What is the Integrated/Advanced Phase?
    Combines individual unit warfare skill set into a single cohesive Strike Group, ARG, or mission-oriented deployable unit capable of operating within a challenging, multi-warfare, joint, multinational, and inter-agency environment.
  11. What is the Sustainment Phase?
    Maintain the highest level of certification until the end of the FRTP or otherwise directed by USFF/FJO/NFC through the completion of applicable mission area Repetitive Exercises (Re’s).
  12. What is the Focus of the Sustainment Phase?
    The focus of this phase is to maintain readiness across the full spectrum of mission areas in order to be ready to conduct prompt and sustained combat operations.
  13. What are the mandatory assessments during the Sustainment Phase?
    AT,FSO-M, MOB-D, 3-M, Supply, Explosive Safety
  14. What is the Basic Phase divided into?
    Tier 1: Mobility, and Tier 2: Unit Tactical
  15. What is in Tier 1 of the Basic Phase?
    Mobility: Engineering, Navigation, Seamanship, *Damage Control, Maintenance and Material *Management (3M), *Supply, Anti-Terrorism (AT), Aviation, Search and Rescue, Communications, *Explosive Safety, and *Medical
  16. What is in Tier 2 of the Basic Phase?
    Unit Tactical : Air Warfare, Anti-Mine Warfare, Ballistic Missile Defense, Surface Warfare, Undersea Warfare, Strike Warfare, Information Operations , Intelligence, and VBSS).
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