History 25

  1. president in 1920 "return to normalcy"
    Warren G. Harding
  2. most notorious "gangster" of the 1920's
    Al Capone
  3. organization created in 1919 to promote world wide communist revolution
    Third International
  4. who established the General Intelligence Division
    A. Mitchell Palmer
  5. chosen to head the General Intelligence Division
    J. Edgar Hoover
  6. a key figure in the American Communist movement
    William Z. Foster
  7. what case was a result of the "Red Scare"
  8. tariff passed in 1922 raised the tariff rates
    Fordney-McCumber Tariff
  9. act provided for a unified yearly budget  for the federal government (established the General Accounting Office)
    National budget Act
  10. bureau established by Congress to help veterans who had been incapacitated in the service of their country
    Veteran's Bureau
  11. the biggest scandal to mar the Harding administration and led to President Harding's death in 1923
    Teapot Dome Scandal
  12. group that lobbied for veteran's benefits, founded by Roosevelt, Jr., Paris 1919
    American Legion
  13. first Vice President to attend cabinet meetings
    Calvin Coolidge
  14. most astounding attempt to achieve a permanent peace in Europe in the 1920's
    Paris Peace Pact
  15. plan that reduce Germany's debt and payment schedule
    Young Plan
  16. Black Harvard graduate who helped found the NAACP
    W. E. B. Du Bois
  17. the communist who planned the violent steelworkers strike of 1919
    William Z. Foster
  18. first solo flight across the Atlantic and when in May of 1927
    Charles Lindbergh
  19. (NBC)
    National Broadcasting Company
  20. President during the "Roaring 20's"
  21. who flew over the North Pole in 1926
    Admiral Richard Byrd
  22. wages in relation to buying power
    real wages
  23. What religious philosophy denied the fundamentals of the Christian faith
  24. who was "the Prophet of the Social Gospel"
    Walter Rauschenbusch
  25. who formulated the system of psychoanalysis
    Sigmund Freud
  26. great advocate of progressive education
    John Dewey
  27. famous court case on Darwinism
    Scopes Trial of 1925
  28. "The Great commoner" who won the Scopes Trial
    William Jennings Bryan
  29. "God's Oilmen"; founded Union Oil Company; financed the publication of The Fundamentals
    Lyman Stewart
  30. Archeologist that explored the Bible lands
    Sir William Ramsay
  31. President of the Research Science Bureau
    Harry Rimmer
  32. "Prince of Expositors" had the ability expound the Word of God
    G. Campbell Morgan
  33. the radio preacher known for the "Old Fashioned Revival Hour"
    Charles E. Fuller
  34. "Moody of the South"
    Sam Jones
  35. "Apostle to the Skeptics"
    R. A. Torrey
  36. which laws outlawed alcohol (prohibitions)
    • Volstead Act
    • 18th Amendment
  37. who was the Gypsy evangelist born in a gypsy wagon
    Rodney ("Gipsy") Smith
  38. who founded the Revival Weekly Sword of the Lord
    John R. Rice
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