Enjoy Learning Chinese Characters Pt.1

    • head
    • tou2
    • The "head" of a person or animal, the 'roof' of a building, the 'upper part' of an object.
    • hand over
    • jiao1
    • 交付-(jiao1 fu4) hand over, pay
    • 交换-(jiao1 huan4) exchange, swap
    • 交流-(jiao1 liu2) exchange, interchange
    • 外交-(wai4 jiao1) diplomacy, foreign affairs
    • head 亠(tou2) + crossed legs 父 (symbol)
    • When you see an image of two people (亠)with legs crossed/mixed (父) to make love, this character means 'associate with.' For a man and a woman to be in this posture, it also indicates they are in love with each other and reciprocate each other's feelings
    • dumpling
    • jiao3
    • 饺子-(jiao3 zi) dumpling (with meat and vegetable stuffing)
    • eat 饣=食(shi2) + mix/hand over 交 (jiao1)
    • Dumplings are made by mixing (交) various ingredients to make the stuffing, then separately kneading the dough to make the skin, wrapping some stuffing in a piece of skin, then cooking them to eat (饣).
    • compare
    • jiao4
    • 比较-(bi3 jiao4) compare, comparatively
    • cart 车 (che1) + mix/hand over 交 (jiao1)
    • Out of an assortment of (交) cars (车), they are comparing which one is better.
    • school
    • xiao4
    • 学校 (xue2 xiao4) school
    • 校长 (xiao4 zhang3) schoolmaster, principal
    • tree 木 (mu4) + hand over 交 (jiao1)
    • A school is a structure made with wood (木)where teachers and students get together to exchange (交)knowledge.
    • capital
    • jing1
    • 北京 (bei3 jing1) Beijing
    • head 亠 + structure of a building (symbol)
    • Symbolizing the shape of a high-rise building () with a roof (亠), it means something high or large. It also means a large city, like the capital of a nation.
    • cool
    • liang2
    • 凉快 (liang2 kuai) pleasantly cool
    • ice 冰 (r. bing1) + large/capital (京)
    • A large building (京) with a ceiling and thick walls is cool like ice (r. 冰), even in the summer.
    • forgive
    • liang4
    • 原谅 (yuan2 liang4) excuse, forgive
    • word 讠= 言 (yan2) + large/capital 京 (jing1)
    • Words (讠) of a high-ranking official living in a large building (京) has the power to forgive/pardon.
    • sunshine
    • jing3
    • 风景 (feng1 jing3) scenery, landscape
    • sun 日 (ri4) + large/capital 京 (jing1)
    • The sun (日) shines over a large building (京).
    • shadow
    • ying3
    • 电影 (dian4 ying3) film, movie
    • 影响 (ying3 xiang3) influence, affect
    • sunshine 景 (jing3) + decorate/hair r. (shan4)
    • When the sun shines (景) buildings cast shadows (r. shan4) Shadows are also used in photographs and movies.
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