Unsafe Building program

  1. A structure will be identified as an "unsafe Building" only when-
    It presents a significant threat to firefighter safety
  2. A structure will be Unsafe when it presents the following criteria.
    Dangerous conditions unnoticeable to arriving personnel

    • Unrepaired fire damage, or extensive interior demolition and work has been suspended indefinitely
    • No permits
    • leaking roof
    • URM building that has substatial settling and cracking of brick walls.
  3. EOPS initiated request
    • Send a FMO Company Referral to fire marshal's Office
    • When FMO receives a referral it will be assigned to fire inspector, who will notify Battalion chief
    • If Unsafe, Fire Inspector will prepare a report sent to Deputy Chief Fire Marshal and EOPS Deputy Chief?Special Ops.
    • Building will then be placed on the FMO's Unsafe Buildings List FIRES 2000
  4. What color is the U
    reflective background
    how often will unsafe buildings be inspected
    • white
    • red
    • annually.
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Unsafe Building program
Unsafe Building program