Vocabulary Old7

  1. Worship
    • Adorar
    • Adorado*
    • Let us worship God
  2. Whereby
    • atraves del cual, por el que por medio del cual
    • I'm instating a new policy whereby we play Madonna's greatest hit.
  3. Blackmail
    • Chantaje
    • The head of the department resigned after he was suspected of blackmail.
    • Threatening to reveal someone's secret unless they do whatever you want is blackmail!
  4. Acknowledge
    • Admitir, reconocer
    • I acknowledge that I could have made better decisions.
    • The father acknowledged his paternity of the child, based on a strong physical resemblance.
  5. Sorority
  6. Overhear
    • Escuchar por casualidad
    • I overheard rumors that Martha is selling her car
  7. Sloppy
    • Descuidado, desarreglado
    • Robert is a sloopy worker, he never takes care over what he does
  8. Weep
    • Cry
    • Mary felt better after having a weep
    • the man was weeping in a corner of the waiting room
  9. Elves
    Elf (plural)
  10. Mind your own business
    • Meterse en sus asuntos
    • Why don't you just mind your own business?
  11. Cupboard
    • alacena, armario
    • Harry sleeps in a cupboard under the stairs
  12. Come out
    Salir, aparecer
  13. Drive crazy
    volver loco
  14. Rehearsal
    • Ensayo, practica
    • Henry asked his friends to listen to a rehearsal of his speech and give him feedback
  15. Good deed (did)
    • Buena acción
    • Have you done any good deed lately, like donating blood
  16. This is not a drill
    Esto no es un simulacro
  17. Bug-eyed
    ojos saltones
  18. Long-lost
    • Used to refer to a relation, friend, or object that you have not seen for along time
    • My long-lost cousin.
    • Barney's brother, James, finally met his long lost father, Sam, Who turned out to be a reverend
  19. Turned out
    • Resulto ser, presentarse
    • Not many people turned out to vote on election day
  20. Pronounce
    pronuciar, declarar
  21. Get back together
    restart a relationship
  22. On it
    • Doing something that needs to be done, or trying tosolve a problem
    • ~ We need help with web design." "Don't worry, I'm on it."
  23. Scheme
    • Conspirar, plan, estrategia
    • The officials schemed against the president.
  24. Show up
    Aparecer, exponer, ser visible
  25. Acquired /əˈkwaɪə/
    • Adquirir
    • He has acquired a reputation for being difficult to work with.
  26. Back up
  27. Realtor  /ˈrɪəltə/
    Corredor de bienes raíces
  28. Dusk
    • Anochecer
    • Dusk is my favourite time of day.
  29. Dawn
    Alba, amanecer
  30. Reviewing
    revisando, repasando
  31. Jaded
    harto, cansado
  32. rekindle /ˈriːˈkɪndl/
    • Reavivar, encender de nuevo
    • The two lovers rekindled their passion after being separated for several years.
  33. Misbehave
    • Portarse mal
    • The girl misbehave in church and were sent out
  34. Ashtray
  35. Afterwards
    • Después, más tarde
    • Let's eat and go to the movies afterwards
  36. Seize the day
    • Vive el día
    • My dad was always telling me seize the day- you won't be young forever.
  37. Spooky /ˈspuːkɪ/
    • Espeluznante, que da miedo
    • The old, abandoned house was spooky; John was sure it must be haunted.
  38. Look after
    • Cuidar de 
    • Who will look after the children while we're away?
  39. Translator
  40. Arrangement
    disposición, arreglo, adorno floral
  41. Disable
    • incapacitado
    • Tho government is working on impocing access to public transport for disabled people
  42. Ironing
    • Planchado
    • Mary did the ironing after the washing
    • I need to iron a shirt for work.
    • Do you know how to iron?
  43. Depart
    • Despegar, partir, salir
    • This train always departs on time
  44. Aiming
    • Apuntar
    • Stephen aimed carefully and prepared to fire.
    • The soldier aimed his rifle and fired.
  45. Get on
    • llevarse bien
    • Sarah and her new roomate get on well together
  46. Maintain
    • Mantenerse
    • She'e been trying to maintain her weight
  47. Firsthand
    • Primera mano
    • Not a all, and I know that firsthand.
  48. Lawsuit
    demanda juridica
  49. Common Knowledge
    That most people know
  50. Undergo
    • He is going to undergo heart surgery on Wednesday.
    • someterse
  51. Harmful
    • Dañino, nocivo
    • Cigarettes are full of harmful chemical
  52. Fee
    • cuota, honorario, tarifa
    • Unerversity fee
    • There is a fee for getting you driving license
  53. Out there
    • fuera
    • Boy, sure is really especially beautiful day out there today, huh?
  54. Craftsmanship
    • Artesanía
    • Look at the level of craftsmanship in this wood carving! It's so intricate.
    • "I admire his engineering skills and craftsmanship"
  55. Handcraft
    • Artesanía
    • Local artisans will be selling their handcraft at the festival
  56. Sophisticated
  57. Quote...unquote
    • Said to show that you are repeating someone else's words, especially if you do not agree
    • She says they're quote "just good friends" unquote.
    • Ok, son 2 oficiales de policía y uno de ellos cita las palabras del Alcalde quien les dio una orden que no les agradó:

    -"He wants the responsible in custody by nightfall, quote unquote"

    • -"I get it, if this happens there, could happen anywhere and no one is safe, quote unquote. Is that it?"
  58. Ding dong
    Silly of folish person
  59. As for you
    En cuanto a ti
  60. Fulfill
    • cumplir
    • You will paid when you've fulfilled your contractual obligation
  61. Catchphrase
    eslogan, lema, latiguillo
  62. Let down
  63. Expend
    • Gastar, agotar
    • We've expended a great deal of time and effort on this project.
  64. Get rid of
    • Deshacerse de
    • You need to get rid of those pants, you never wear them any more
  65. Dice /daɪs/

  66. Flee
    huir, run away from place or situacion of danger
  67. Binding
    • Encuadernado
    • The binding of book is falling apart (desarmarse)
    • Cheaply made umbrella fall apart quickly
    • It is important noy fall apart when things don't go exactly your way.
  68. Indeed
    en efecto
  69. Astonish
    • asombrar, pasmar
    • The cost of the wedding truly astonished me
  70. Mere
    • Mero, simple, solo
    • used to emphasize that something is not large or important:
    • The plane crashed mere minutes after take-off.It cost a mere 20 dollars.
  71. Stitches
    • puntadas, puntos de sutura
    • Marilyn sewed up* the rip in her skirt with *neat stitches.
    • The cut on Gareth's head needed a stitch.
    • *sew up: coser /soʊ/ 
    • *Neat, nítido, quisquilloso  /niːt/
    • Dan was a very neat person and didn't like mess.
  72. Hourglass
    reloj de arena
  73. Shelf
    Shelves (plural)
    • estante, repisa
    • Put the spaces (/spaɪs/) on the shelf
    • The book are lined up nealtly on the office shelf
  74. Gatecrash /ˈɡeɪt.kræʃ/ gatecrash [sth]
    • To go to a party or other event when you have not been invited.
    • He decided to gatecrash the wedding.
    • Colado*
  75. Sideburns
    • patillas
    • The mayor had thick* sideburns and a large nose.
    • *Grueso, abundante
  76. Itching
  77. Earlobes
    The soft round at the bottom of the ear
  78. Sort
    • Tipo
    • they're the worst sort of muggle
  79. There There
    to confort someone
  80. Anytime
    cuando quieras
  81. Make a wish
    • pide un deseo
    • Look, a shooting star! Make a wish!
  82. Car crash
    • Accidente
    • He was killed in a car crash.
  83. Outrage
    • Ira, indignación
    • a shocking, morally unacceptable, and usually violent action
    • Hilary's outrage grew when she read about the latest atrocities.
  84. Folks
    • people, parents
    • non magic folks
  85. Toad /toʊd/
  86. Feather /ˈfeð.ɚ/
  87. I'm all set
    Used for saying that you do not need anything, especially food, when someone offers you something
  88. Hand me down
    • a piece of clothing that someone has given to a younger personbecause they no longer want it.
    • I got fed up with having to wear my sister's hand-me-downs.
  89. Bewitched /bɪˈwɪtʃt/
  90. Sort out
    • Poner en orden
    • My son needs to sort out the clothes in the closet.
    • she needs to sort out her priorities
  91. With me so far?
    Do you understand?
  92. booger
    • Moco
    • snot/mucus = mojado.
    • booger = seco.
  93. Drill
  94. Beefy
    musculoso, fornido, corpulento
  95. Fences /fens/
    valla, cerca, verja
  96. Tabby
    • Atigrado
    • Marion has a tabby kitten
  97. Improve mood
    Mejorar estado de animo
  98. Stern /stɝːn/
    • severo, rígido
    • Alice's father was a stern man who expected his children to obey him at all times.
    • The teacher gave the misbehaving student a stern look.
  99. Oddly
    • curiosamente, extrañamentre
    • Odd: raro, extraño
  100. Numbled
    • Hablar entre dientes, mascullar, balbucear
    • I can't uderstand Lucy when she numbles
  101. Purse
    • cartera. Fruncir
    • he pured his lips as if about to kiss someone
  102. Whether
  103. Lie awake
    • No poder dormir, mantenerse despierto
    • I lay awake most of the night worrying. I miss you and sometimes lie awake at night thinking of you.
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