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  1. antigen
    usually a foreign substance that stimulates of the production of antibodies
  2. antibodies
    protein substances made by white blood cells in response to the presence of foreign antigens
  3. immune response
    the reaction between an antigen and an antibody
  4. HDN
    Hemolytic disease of the new born or erythroblastosis fetalis & can occur in the 1st pregnancy if a mother has had an Rh+ blood transfusion
  5. jaundice
    yellow skin pgmentation & results from an excessive destruction of RBCs & bilirubin
  6. bilirubin
    when RBCs break down, the hemoglobin within the cells produces this
  7. rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, and Graves disease
    All exs. of autoimmune disorders
  8. rheumatoid arthritis
    affects joints
  9. systemic lupus erythematosus
    affects connective tissues, skin, & internal organs
  10. Graves disease
    causes hyperthroidism
  11. congenital anomalies
    those that an infant is born with; includes syndactyly and heart defects
  12. ipsilateral
    located on the same side
  13. -lapse
    to slide, sag, or fall
  14. Polymerase chain recation (PCR)
    a method of producing multiple copies of a single gene & is an improtant tool in recombinant DNA technology
  15. Reye syndrome
    characterized by vomiting, swelling of the brain, increased intracranial pressure, hypoglycemia, and dysfunction of the liver
  16. fetal alchohol syndrome
    affects infants whose moms drank excessive amounts of alcohol while they were pregnant
  17. Marfan syndrome
    An inherited connective tissue disorder that is marked by a tall, thin body type with long, "spidery" fingers and toes, an elongated head and heart, blood vessel, and ophthalmic abnormalities
  18. Parasitism
    Another example of symbiosis & occurs when one organism benefits & the other doesn't
  19. Pubic symphysis
    Are where the pubic bones of the pelvis have grown togehter
  20. Echocardiograms
    Ultrasound images of the heart
  21. sonogram
    a baby's ultrasound image
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