Vocabulary Words

  1. Brevity
    n. briefness or conciseness in speech or writing
  2. Concise
    adj. using few words in speaking or writing
  3. Laconic
    adj. using few words in speech
  4. Pithy
    adj. brief and full of meaning and substance; concise
  5. Quiescent
    adj. quiet; inactive; still
  6. Reticent
    adj. not talking much; reserved
  7. Succinct
    adj. briefly and clearly stated; concise
  8. Taciturn
    adj. silent; sparing of words; close-mouthed
  9. Terse
    adj. using only the words needed to make the point; very concise, sometimes to the point of rudeness.
  10. Bombastic
    adj. using language in a pompous, showy way; speaking to impress others (suggests grandiose, verbose language that lacks substance)
  11. Circumlocution
    n. speaking in circles; round-about speech (use of many words where few would do)
  12. Colloquial
    adj. pertaining to common, everyday speech; conversational
  13. Diffuse
    adj. spread out, not concise; wordy
  14. Digress
    vb. to wander off from the subject or topic spoken about
  15. Eloquence
    n. artful ease with speaking; speech that can influence people's feelings
  16. Garrulous
    adj. talkative; loquacious
  17. Grandiloquent
    adj. using big and fancy words just to impressĀ (extravagantly colorful, pompous and high-flown in manner or language)
  18. Loquacious
    adj. very talkative; liking to talk; garrulous
  19. Prattle
    vb. to speak on and on in a senseless and silly manner; to talk foolishly
  20. Ramble
    vb. to talk on and on pointlessly, without clear direction
  21. Rant
    vb. to talk very loudly, even wildly; rave
  22. Rhetorical
    relating to speech that is used to persuade or have some effect; insincere in expression
  23. Verbose
    adj. using too many words; wordy; long-winded
  24. Voluble
    adj. talking a great deal with ease; glib
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