Treatments of Complete Denture

  1. Treatment for small and large epulis fissuratum?
    • small: remove flange that is too long
    • large: surgery to remove fibrous tissue, then reline the denture

    Remember: when ridge has resorption the denture become less stable and the denture flange once fit become over
  2. What will most likely to happen with upper anterior ridge when pt wears upper CD and lower distal extension RPD?
    Hyper plastic tissue or flabby tissue

    Remember hyper plastic occurs from too much biting force -> ridge resorption ->replaced with fibrous tissue.
  3. What is the problem with denture support by flabby tissue?
    • Flabby tissue is too thick (the proper thickness should have been 1.5-2 mm)
    • The denture becomes unstable.
  4. What are 2 treatments for hyperplastic tissue?
    • 1. Surgical removal,
    • the tissue will loss cushion effect so the new denture has to have nonocclusive anterior teeth (in CR) 

    • 2. Not remove,
    • new denture with anatomical impression at hyperplastic tissue (using impression plaster)
    • with nonocclusive anterior teeth (in CR) to avoid further bone resorption
  5. Causes of denture stomatitis are:
    • Main cause is trauma with candida infection!
    • Others:
    • Too much carbohydrate
    • Insufficient iron
    • Insufficient B12
    • low immunity, diabetes 
    • insufficient VD
    • dry mouth
    • poor oral hygiene in soft liner denture wearer
  6. Instruction for pt with denture stomatitis:
    Clean denture properly (candida accumulates mainly on the denture, not the gingiva)
  7. Drug prescription for denture stomatitis:
    • Antifungal drug:
    • amphotericin B,
    • mycostatin,
    • nystatin
  8. Phonetic problem: too much VD
    ฟันบนฟันล่างกระทบกันเวลาออกเสียง ส
  9. Phonetic problem: upper denture base is too thick
    ออกเสียง ท ด ไม่ชัด

    Remember: the denture base shouldn’t be thicker than 2 mm.
  10. Phonetic problem in patient with Angle Cl III
    • Cannot slide lower teeth forward when making “s ส” sound
    • the anterior guidance is too steep as dentist try to compensating the jaw relationship
    • tx is grinding the palatial surface of upper teeth and incisal edge of lower teeth
  11. Phonetic problem: ออกเสีงยง ส แล้วมีลมสอดแทรกคล้ายเเสียงผิวปาก
    • Upper anterior teeth are too much forward
    • Anterior palate is too thin

    • Upper posterior teeth are too palatal
    • Posterior palate is too thick
  12. Phonetic problem: ออกเสียง ส เป็น ช และออกเสียง ท ด ลำบาก
    Anterior palate is too thick
  13. Phonetic problem: ออกเสี ส เป็น ช และออกเสียง ฝ ฟ ไม่ชัด
    Anterior teeth are too much backward.
  14. มองเห็นฟันมากไป
    • occlusal plane is too low
    • too much VD
    • upper anterior teeth are too much forward
  15. มองเห็นฟันน้อยไป
    • occlasal plane is too high
    • insuffcient VD
    • upper anterior teeth are too much backward
  16. Pain or numb feeling at lower lip
    Denture base presses on mental foramen (mental nerve)
  17. Pain or numb feeling at upper lip and side of nose
    Denture base presses on incisive foramen (nasopalatine nerve)
  18. ขอบด้านแก้มไกลกลางของ lower denture ควรทำมุม กี่ องศา เพื่อหลบ insertion ของกล้ามเนื้อ อะไร
    • 45 degree
    • massester
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