Vocabulary Old5

  1. Frantic
  2. Homely
    • sencillo, familiar, prosaico
    • The roo was homely but warm and comfortable
  3. Helpful
  4. inexpensive
    Barato, económico
  5. Obnoxious
    Ofensivo, odioso
  6. Nutty
    Crazy, silly
  7. Prickle
  8. Tame
    • monotono, aburrido, domesticado.
    • Harry keeps a tame rat as a pet.
    • The Smiths normally gave exciting parties, but this particular party was rather tame.
  9. Uptight
    • Tenso, nervioso
    • My husband is often uptight when he gets home from work
  10. Sore
    Doloroso, irritado, llaga, ulcera

    • Tina had a cold; her nose was running and her throat was sore.
    • Lydia had a weeping sore on her leg.
  11. Savoury /ˈseɪ.vɚ.i/
    • Salado
    • A pie can be sweet or savoury.
  12. Fry up
    • Freir
    • Let's fry up some chicken for dinner
  13. Ring a bell
    • suena conocido
    • I've never met Jonh but his name rings a bell
  14. Stick around
    • Quedarse
    • Why don't you stick around just in case
  15. Take a look
    Echar un vistazo
  16. Lose touch
    • perder contacto
    • I lost touch with many of my classmate
  17. Onwards and upwards
    • Becoming more and more successful.
    • He is moving onwards and upward in his business career
  18. I can't take it anymore
    no lo soporto
  19. Pesky
    • Molesto
    • These pesky insect are runing our picnic
  20. Surrealism
    An example of surrealism movement is the work of Salvador Dali
  21. Basil
  22. Coriander
  23. Nutmeg
    Nuez moscada
  24. Shellfish
  25. Painkiller
  26. To treat one self
  27. Needle
  28. Nail
  29. Devoid
    • sin
    • What Richard wrote is devoid of any interest.
  30. Chocking
    Ahogo, asfixia
  31. Row
  32. Boxcar
  33. Not a bit
    ni un poco
  34. Hint
    • Pistas, dar a entender
    • He gave a hint to help the child guess the answer.
    • Your gift will be blue, he hinted.
  35. Thrilled
    Emocionado, entusiasmado
  36. Come along
    • Llegar, aparecer, venir
    • I expect him to come along any day
  37. Down the road
    • Con el tiempo, en el futuro
    • We're planning to have kids somewhere down the road, maybe in five years or so.
    • Lots of things will have changed a few years down the road
  38. Settle down
    sentar cabeza
  39. Plumbing
    • plomería
    • Plomero
  40. Pipe
  41. Wallow in
    • Regodearse, revolcarse
    • The pig wallowed in the mud.
  42. Former
    • anterior
    • He saw his former wife with another man
  43. Enroll
    • Inscribirse, matricularse
    • He didn't enroll in e4cc till the age of twenty-two
  44. Barn
  45. Feature
    • Caracteristica, distintivo, rasgo
    • My favorite feature of this leather is its smooth texture.
    • A huge movie theater is the main feature of the new mall.
  46. Hold hand
    • Tomarse de las manos
    • I never realized how many people hold hands in mall
  47. Signature
  48. Meddle
    • Entroeterse
    • It's none of your business, so please stop meddling!
  49. Far cry from
    • Estar a años luz
    • Life in Canada is a far cry from what she's used to in Haiti.
    • Living in the heart of New York City is certainly a far cry from living in the rural countryside.
  50. Belief
    Creencia, fe, convicción.
  51. Rub off
    • Contagiar, transmitir
    • Johnny's enthusiasm for fishing began to rub off, and the other children wanted fishing poles too.
  52. Irritating
    Molesto, furioso
  53. Freez out
    • Excluir, rechazar
    • You freeze out anyone who is just a bit different
  54. Slash
  55. Out of here
  56. kind of
    • Un poco, algo
    • Is he your Bf? kind of, It's complicated
  57. Who would have thought
    Quien habría pensado?
  58. Go out
  59. Tryouts
  60. Life goes on
    La vida continua
  61. Sell out
    • Venderse, traicionarse
    • The artist sold out and started doing commercial work.
  62. Concerned
    • Preocupado
    • people are much concerned about their health than they were in the past.
  63. Fit in
  64. my bad
    Aceptar que fue tu culpa
  65. Beutician
  66. Reign
    Reinado, mandato
  67. Deep down
    En lo mas profundo
  68. Chase after
    perseguir, perseguir lo imposible
  69. Underrated /ˌʌn·dərˈreɪt̬·əd/
    • Infravalorado
    • He is one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors (= He is much better than peoplethink).
  70. Follow my lead
    • Siga mi ejemplo
    • John followed his father's lead and became a lawyer
  71. Go with the flow
    • Seguir la corriente
    • Just relax and go with the flow
  72. Lose face
    To lose status, to became less respectable
  73. Tip of the iceberg
    • La punta del Iceberg
    • These small local protests are just the tip of the iceberg.
    • This is only the tip of the iceberg, our problems can became much worse
  74. Bearer
    • mensajero
    • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have something shocking to tell you
  75. Do you make myself clear?
    Me explico?
  76. Gist /dʒɪst/
    • idea general, la escencia. 
    • John didn't pay attention in class, but he was pretty sure that he got the gist of the lesson.
  77. gb
  78. Bottom line
    • conclusion, resumidas cuentas
    • The bottom line is you cannnot be late for work anymore
  79. All of sudden
    De repente
  80. Skilled
  81. Homesick
    • Nostalgico
    • Laura has felt homesick since she moved out.
    • Carl was about six months into his overseas appointment when he got very homesick.
  82. Folks
    • Padres
    • I'm going to see my folks
    • I'm bringing my girlfriend home this weekend to meet my folks.
  83. Breathtaking
    Impresionante, asombroso
  84. Ball
    • Formal dance
    • chrismast ball
  85. Pay raise
    Aumento de sueldo
  86. Goal oriented
    • orientado a objetivos
    • The management team was made up of ambitious, goal-oriented types who'd workedhard for their positions.
  87. Eager   /ˈiːɡə/
    • entusiasta, ansioso, tener ganas.
    • He is an eager reader of mystery novels.
    • I am eager for spring after being cooped up in the house all winter.
  88. Hesitant  /ˈhɛzɪtənt/
    • vacilante, titubeante, 
    • Liam wanted to tell his boss about the problem, but he became hesitant after he started speaking to her.
    • Sarah is hesitant about going on the trip.
  89. Suitable   /ˈsuːtəbəl/
    • Apropiado, apto para...
    • ~I've got a job interview tomorrow and I'm looking for a suitable outfit.
    • ~This movie is not suitable for young children because of the violence.
  90. Rename
    • dar un nuevo nombre
    • You must rename the file before you save it
  91. Qualified
    • calificado
    • Tim is now a qualified architect
  92. Dorm
    Dormitorio universitario
  93. Mistletoe
  94. Swagger /ˈswæɡə/
    • contoneo, pavonearse
    • Henry swaggered around the office all afternoon after the boss complimented* his work.
    • *cumplido
  95. Sappy
    • sensibilero
    • sentimental
    • Rick hates sappy movies; he prefers action or horror.
    • No one listens to Walter's sappy ideas.
  96. Threatening
    • Amenazador
    • Simon gave Ben a threatening look, warning him to remain silent.
  97. Howl /haʊl/
    • aullar
    • At night, Seth could always hear his dog howling at the moon.
  98. stand [sb] up
    • Dejar plantado
    • We were supposed to meet outside the restaurant but he stood me up.
  99. Meant to be   /mɛnt/
    Destinado a suceder
  100. First born child
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